Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Republican Party Makes Gains With The Jewish Vote

I received some good news on Wednesday from the Republican Jewish Coalition [RJC] newsletter I received in my e-mail.  

In a post entitled 'Exit Polls Show Jewish Support for The GOP Continues to Grow Nationally' it says, "Washington, D.C. (November 5, 2014) -- Exit polls from last night show that Republicans are getting increasing support among Jewish voters, while the Jewish community's support for Democrats continues to erode.  The exit polls show that 33% of Jewish voters gave their support to Republicans, with 65% going to Democrats. That marks a 30-year low for Democrats."

Later in the newsletter it says, "Since 1982, the historical average for the GOP in mid-term elections among Jewish voters has been 26%. The range has a low of 18% in 1982 and a high of 33% this year. In each of the last two midterm elections, Republicans got more than 30% of the Jewish vote."

You may think a change of Jewish support for Republicans of near 20%, like it was in the first election of Barack Obama as president to 33% is not that big a deal or that big of move.  But the higher the percentage for Republicans also means a lower percentage for the Democrats and it means a much lower spread.  For example, an 80-20% range for Democrats is a spread of 60% of their percentage of the vote, vs. this election 65-33% for the Democrats is only a 32% spread.  That could be huge in an extremely close race. 

Being a Jewish conservative Republican myself these numbers are extremely encouraging because that means I now realize I am not alone among the Jewish community.  It wouldn't matter to me if I was the only Jew who was a Republican, but it is just a better feeling knowing that about 1 out of 3 Jews now agree with me politically [and the percentage is increasing].  

To read the entire article, I read in the newsletter, from the RJC, please click here


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