Friday, November 7, 2014

The Big Winners And Losers of The 2014 Midterm Election


1.  America

our nation careening on a dangerous path of weakness both at home and abroad from a lack of strong leadership, this election gives hope of turning things around to help bring America back.

2. Governor Scott Walker, WI
won again in the important state of Wisconsin for the 3rd time in 4 years, with the whole Democrat apparatus trying to stop him, immediately puts Walker as the leading contender for the 2016 GOP nomination.

3. Senator Tim Scott, SC
became the first black man from the South elected to the United States Senate since Reconstruction. [oh and by the way, the other black senators from the south were also Republicans--and oh, by the way, the first black senator since reconstruction from the North was Edward Brooke, MA also a Republican] 

4. Mia Love

is the first black female to ever be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as a Republican.  I predict she will become a rising star in politics.

5. Elbert Guillory
Louisiana state senator [once a Democrat and now a Republican] who launched a "Free At Last" PAC whose amazingly powerful video aimed mostly at black voters in the southern states, may have helped to tip the balance in the close senate races there.  His ad could very well have helped the GOP win the senate.

6. Reince Priebus
 RNC chairman who helped lead a great victory.  The often criticized Republican ground game was superb this election outperforming the so-called unbeatable Democrat ground game. 

7. Israel
the state of Israel now has an important strong ally in all of congress to counter this anti-Israel president.  You may say most of the Democrats also support Israel, but with Harry Reid as majority leader and the Democrat senators unwilling to buck the president from their own party, bills that were aimed at punishing Iran, for example, were stopped from being voted on.  Check out this past post from the Tales on that issue.


1. President Barack Obama - This loser lost big time.  The great divider-in-chief's divide and conquer strategy, aided by his willing accomplices from the left in the Democrat Party, didn't work this time and hopefully never again!

2. The War on Women - this has been the Democrats tried and true mantra against the Republican Party whose ridiculous attacks against the GOP have finally worn out because of such obvious inanity.  Especially shown in the Colorado senate race where Mark Udall used this as his only issue so much that even the liberal media there called him Mark "Uterus".  He lost in a big way to Republican Cory Gardner.  As the Democrats had nothing else positive to run on, this was their issue in many of the big races...and losers in all.  Charles Krauthammer on the Fox News Channel said it best, like only he can say it: "This [election] is the end of the "war on women" and the democrats lost the war."

3. Senator Harry Reid, NV - The senate majority leader, soon to be former senate majority leader. Remember this Tales blast from the past on this "fool on the hill?" 

4. Nancy Pelosi, CA - "San Fran Nan" the former House Speaker who was becoming less important in the the House, will now soon become almost totally irrelevant in the new huge majority controlled GOP House.

5. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, FL - the DNC chairman who has just presided over an historic low point for the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives. 

6. Charlie Crist [R-I-D-?] FL - There's only one more place to go Charlie; look out Libertarian Party, here comes the fraud.
If you are wondering why I didn't also put the pictures of the losers, well, they're losers.  

Plus, look who #4 and #5 were.  Did you honestly want me to show their pictures?  :-)

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