Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rush's Pick For 2016?

With Scott Walker officially announcing he is running for the GOP nomination for president, this repeat post is in order.  Originally published in March of 2014 well over a year ago, shows Rush is no Johnny come lately to high praise for this man.

Rush's Pick For 2016?:        published originally in March, 2014

Rush is right
Rush Limbaugh in all the years I have been listening to him has never given his recommendation in a GOP primary for any office and especially for president. He usually lets the voters pick the nominee and then he will support that nominee over the Democrat.

There is a candidate now, who I believe that Rush really supports at this early stage for the 2016 GOP nomination for president.  Rush has even said this person looks like he will be in the race, but he wouldn't comment if he would support him.  But I think there was one statement he made that has given himself away and that this person, as of now, is his choice for 2016.   I am not just having this gut feeling from one show of Rush, but from the last couple of months of comments I have heard him make about this person.  I could be all wet, but I believe Rush hopes this person becomes the GOP nominee for 2016.

This person is a governor, which is a prime position to win the presidency from.  This person also is very telegenic and personable, traits needed to be successful.  See, if from Rush's statements, you can guess who Rush is talking about before I reveal the answer.

Rush made the most recent comments last Wednesday, March 19, 2014 about this governor after word came out that his assembly in the state had approved his 541 million dollar tax cut plan to send it to his desk for his signature.  Rush was ecstatic of that and said about this governor:

"This man has laid out a blueprint on how to be a leader,
a blueprint on how to run the economy,
a blueprint on lowering taxes,
a  blueprint on raising employment,
a  blueprint on how to run a state." 

All those are very positive remarks about this governor, but the one statement that I believe gives Rush away that this governor is his choice [as of now] for the 2016 GOP nominee:
"This man gives a blueprint on how to win elections!"

That may be the most important quality of all [if Rush is right].  We [GOP] must select a candidate who can win.  It will do absolutely no good to choose someone with our hearts that has no chance of actually winning the general election.

And drum roll please-that is why I feel Rush Limbaugh's early choice for the 2016 GOP nomination for president is ...

                                           Governor Scott Walker, WI
Update, with this video from November 7, 2014   Rush always says he has no choice for who the GOP nominee is in 2016, but after watching this video see what you think:

If Governor Walker does become the 2016 GOP nominee and the next president of the United States, it will give me the opportunity to play again one of my favorite fight songs: On Wisconsin!



Pamela said...

I am liking this guy (Walker) more and more. Did you see the exposÄ— that Fox's Bret Baier did on him this weekend? Good piece.

Big Mike said...

Thanks for comment Pamela and yes I did see it. Sorry for the late response!