Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Obama Condemns Jerusalem Synagogue Attack But Then Can't Help Himself

After the horrific Palestinian terrorist attack in a Jerusalem synagogue, which killed four Israeli's [three of them dual American and Israelis] and wounded eight more, it took him a while but president Barack Obama finally responded with what I describe as a perfunctory condemnation.

But in his condemnation of the terrorist attack and those who took part, he couldn't help himself with his usual moral equivalence, saying he hopes this recent trend of the killing of Israeli's and Palestinians ends.  He said he hopes both sides work to end the violence.  Mr. President, with all due respect, that you really don't deserve, innocent Israeli's killed in a synagogue is not comparable to Palestinian terrorists killed as Israel defends herself.  I don't condemn both and I don't hope both stop.  I only condemn the Islamist terrorist attacks on Israeli's and I don't hope the Palestinian terrorists killed by Israel when she defends herself stops.  I want that to continue so they will be stopped from killing Israeli Jews.

There is one other thing I disagreed with what the president said, I will note after you see this video of the president's condemnation of the synagogue attack.  [Tuesday November 18, 2014]

Okay, so what is the second thing I disagree about that the president said?  It is when he praised Palestinian authority's Mahmoud Abbas condemnation of the attack. What president Obama didn't tell you is that Abbas while condemning the attack was basically fueling the attack with his words before hand and while condemning the attack basically blamed Israel for the violence.

Watch as former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz also disagrees with the president's praise of Abbas for his "condemnation" of the attack.  Fleitz was being interviewed by Jon Scott on Fox News Channel's "Happening Now" news show.   [Tuesday November 18, 2014]

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