Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Let's Remember Officer Wilson's Life Has Been Changed Forever Because of Actions By Michael Brown

I just posted this on my Face Book page, and I am copying and pasting it here.

With all the sympathy being shown for Michael Brown's family, which of course appropriate because they have lost a son, where is there any sympathy shown for the police officer Darren Wilson and his family whose lives have been changed forever for the worst directly because of the actions of Michael Brown?

This police officer who has served the public putting his life on the line for years, will probably have to resign from his job. He and his family will probably have to leave the community he loves. He will have to be under constant guard for the rest of his life because of death threats . 

And none of this would ever have had happened [or Michael Brown being killed] if Michael Brown hadn't committed a strong armed robery which set all of this in motion. Or if Michael Brown wouldn't have closed the police car door on Wilson and then punched him in the face. Or if Michael Brown wouldn't have reached for his the officer's gun. Or if Michael Brown wouldn't have charged the officer after first walking away. Or if after charging the officer and then stopping for a moment [at which time Officer Wilson stopped shooting] he then wouldn't have charged again [at which time he was fatally shot]. 

Michael Brown's decisions-any one of which if he wouldn't have done, he would still be alive today and Officer Wilson's life wouldn't have been changed forever, are the cause of what happened. 

That is sad, and yes show sympathy for Michael Brown's parents, but this is 100% the fault of Michael Brown.

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