Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gruber Genius, Gruber Who?

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American Commitment for the following video, and  a hat tip also to one of my great tribble friends Lee Rogers @Spike72AFA for tweeting this video on twitter.

Jonathan Gruber - genius or who?
As it turns out the MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber may be the only Democrat who has told the truth about Obamacare.   I'm not talking about when he called the American people stupid, that was his opinion that frankly, while insulting to the American people, even a lot on our side [conservatives] have opined at times.  I'm talking about the deception the creators of Obamacare used in order to get the bill passed.

Professor Gruber was being very truthful, even though it was behind closed doors.  He knew he couldn't be truthful in front of the general public at the time they [Obama and the Democrats in congress] were shoving this fraud down the American people's throat because, as he said, it would have never passed; they wouldn't have gotten away with it. 

This "genius" who the Democrats referenced many times before the name Jonathan Gruber became toxic is now "Gruber who?" to those same lying Democrats.

How truthful are Obama and the Democrats in the Grubergate scandal?  Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, the following video must be worth a million words.

All You Need To Know About GruberGate In Two Minutes:

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