Friday, November 21, 2014

Emperor Barack of Obamerica

  Follow a constitution that is old and out-dated created 
        by evil white men?  I'm King Barack.  What, me worry?                                                                   

Our king and savior has said it himself.  If he takes the illegal executive action that he is taking today, then he would be an Emperor and not a president of the United States.

Well that means bow down to Emperor Barack, well on his way to keeping his 2008 campaign promise of fundamentally changing America. 
Welcome comrades, and that includes you, you newly established Obamericans granted as such by the stroke of the King's pen.   Welcome to the new America.  Obamerica.  The new coke had nothing on this new America.

With the new America, of course, that means some of the out dated traditions of the old evil bully America must end.

The new fundamentally transformed America, 

The Republic of Obamerica: 

Our new Motto:  It's all for Barack and Barack for Barack. 

Our new national anthem dedicated to the banana Republic we have become:

The Republic of Obamerica's new flag:

In Barack we trust                           

I hope you are standing up with your hands over your hearts, my fellow Obamericans.   Progressives have died for this flag.  Well, maybe they died of old age, but whatever. 

The transformation is almost complete.  Many fellow comrades not with us to celebrate this day must be looking down [or probably looking up] in pride of this great accomplishment.

This song for is for them:


dbsnyder said...

Caveat Imperator

Big Mike said...

Yep-if this doesn't tell you elections have consequences nothing will. Thanks DB