Thursday, October 2, 2014

With Friends Like This

When running for president in 2008, Barack Obama told this lie before AIPAC on June 4, 2008:

Josh Earnest Presidential Press Secretary
Not only was that a lie that president Obama thought Jerusalem should be the undivided capital of Israel, he doesn't even consider Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, much less that it should be the undivided capital of Israel, but even worse his administration once again scolded Israel before the world because they announced the construction of buildings in East Jerusalem. 

Think about that.  This would be like if Putin [about as true and reliable a friend to the United States as Obama is with Israel] scolded the United States for daring to build more homes and buildings in Washington D.C.

Remember Barack Obama's lie when you watch the presidential spokesman answer this question.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest October 1, 2014:

But have no fear Mr. President.  The liberal ship of fools bought your lies about Jerusalem and about you being a friend of Israel, hook, line and sinker, and they will no doubt continue to support you and your Democrat Party no matter how many times you spit in Israel's face. 



bradley said...

And the sad irony is that among the ship of fools, are the 70% of birth jews who voted for this shmuck, and consider themselves real Jews. I believe they will forever have Israeli blood on their hands whenever terrorism rears its ugly head in the jewish homeland.

Big Mike said...

Yep sadly so Brad.

88keyman said...

I just hope this nightmarish Obama episode teaches Israel to stand up to the US when necessary. Obama's a flat-out enemy (of Israel AND the US), but other presidents constantly pressure Israel as well -- and they all insult Israel by excluding it from their "coalitions."

Big Mike said...

That has always bothered me--why when there is a call to fight terrorism is Israel excluded from the discussion. Obama says ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. The fact that they are afraid to include Israel in the coalition proves it has everything to do with Islam...because the other Muslim Arab nations would be upset if this Jewish nation was in on the fight against ISIS.