Friday, October 24, 2014

Time To Call Chris Matthews What He Is - A Racist

This double standard has to stop, now!  What double standard?  Where a liberal commentator can make stupid hate speech attacking conservative Republicans and there not being even the blink of an eye by the main stream media, when a similar comment made by a Republican would be plastered all over the print and visual media for days on end and there would be a demand on every Republican being interviewed that they disassociate themselves from the person who made it.  

Chris "the racist" Matthews
Who is one of the kings in making such hate filled derogatory comments about the GOP, Chris Matthews of MSNBC.  He has time and again gone out of his way accusing the Republicans of racism and hate, when he is the one who is spewing the hate, and I submit is the real racist.  I agree with Greg Gutfeld who has said many times, the Democrats who make ridiculous statements falsely accusing the GOP and conservatives of being racists, should be called out for what they are: racists. They are the ones who see every issue in terms of race, not the Republicans.

Check this latest out from Western [on October 22, 2014]: "The liberal Chris Matthews, on his show “Hardball”, came right out and accused the Republican Party of “killing the black vote” by having voter ID laws in place, or, as he says it, making “sure that the sons and daughters of slaves have the hardest possible time getting into the voting booth.”

Think about what he said.  Voter ID laws, that require you to show an ID to vote kills the black vote and makes sure they [blacks] have the hardest possible time getting in the voting booth. What?  We are living in the 21st century and Chris Matthews thinks requiring an ID to vote is aimed at black people.  Why do you think that is, Chris?  Because black people aren't as sophisticated enough to get an ID like a white person can?  So, black people don't drive cars and get driving licenses like white people, Chris?

Think how condescending and belittling to black people that is, Chris Matthews.  In my mind, that makes you are the racist Chris Matthews and I am calling you on it.

What Chris Matthews said is not just degrading to black people, it is also just plain stupid.  If we are to believe what Chris Matthews has said, that to ask for an ID to vote is aimed at suppressing the black vote, then how racist does that make the FAA, Chris?  Using your logic, the FAA, by requiring anyone who wants to fly show their ID, are obviously trying to prevent black people from flying. Why don't you call out the FAA for "their" racism, Chris?  You should be outraged that this federal agency is targeting black people and that they must only want white people to travel by airplane. 

What about the banks Chris?  To open up an account at a bank you must first show your ID.  According to you, the banks only want white people's money in the bank, as they are obviously [by requiring an ID to open a bank account] trying to suppress black account holders. 

What about applying for a passport, Chris Matthews?  How racist is the State Department, requiring that you must show an ID [among other things I am sure also aimed at black people] before you can even think about getting a passport.  Why don't you call the state department on their racism as, according to you, they must obviously want to suppress black people from getting a passport. 

And I could go on and on about the things you need an ID to be able to do in this country.  Well, I guess in your eyes Chris Matthews, that just proves how this whole country is racist.  They don't want black people to do anything.

Chris Matthews, stop your hate speech once and for all.  The mainstream media may overlook it because you are one of them, a liberal Democrat, but this blog is calling you on it, you racist.


Sheralyn said...

Chris Matthews is a pustule on the the rear end of the jackass that his party is represented by. There's a reason that the Democratic party is symbolized by a jackass. If he thinks that a voter ID is a hindrance to black's voting, then he is more ignorant than he appears to be. If Black's want to vote, they'll get ID's like everyone else. The only thing that will keep Blacks from voting is themselves. On many talk shows they're already talking about how easy is to cheat with the mail-in ballot. So, Chris shouldn't worry about the Black vote, they're continually working to figure out alternative ways to not be honest. Chris is in good company with the other pustules, ie Jesse, Al, Tavis and the mainstream media. If he thinks that his favorite victims won't turn out, just offer something free(Obama phones) and see just how that gets them moving. Blacks are not victims of the Republican party, they're not victims at all, but they play to fools like him and other Anglos so that they can continue to get what they can for free. Democrats and their favorite victims use each other to get what they want and blame others when they feel threatened. As the song goes, "Everybody plays the fool sometimes," but with Chris it's all the time. Sheralyn

Big Mike said...

I like the way you think Sheralyn---wait, Sheralyn...where have I heard that name before :-))

bradley said...

Bravo big mike, you are right on and how could any rational person not see the hypocrisy and overt racism exhibited by voter ID opponents.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad!