Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This Could Be The Winning Ad That Turns The VA Senate Race

GOP candidate for US Senate from VA, Ed Gillespie

There is one senate race that the Republicans are not really counting on to take over the senate, but one that I have been hoping, as much as any other, the Republicans will win.  That is the senate race in VA with GOP nominee Ed Gillespie taking on the incumbent Democrat Mark Warner.  I really like Ed and think he will make a great senator and be a great spokesman for the GOP.  I have contributed to his campaign and really hope he can pull out, what at one time thought impossible absent a GOP wave of biblical proportions. 
At one time Ed Gillespie was as much as 20 points behind the incumbent, but with a great positive campaign by Ed, he has pulled to within single digits and is closing fast.  That is why, when I saw this campaign ad, that is only 30 seconds long, just released by the GOP, I got excited as I really believe this will be the ad that could turn this senate race around and close the deal for Ed Gillespie. 

You may say that this ad doesn't deal with the big issues and is rather trivial, but then you are missing the real point of the ad that I think will resonate with VA voters.  This ad, while announcing it is about the Washington Redskins name, brilliantly points out that it is the unpopular Harry Reid who is calling for the name change.   And even though Mark Warner won't announce how he would come down on the issue isn't important.  The ad, without saying so specifically, reminds the voters that Mark Warner will vote to put Harry Reid back as the majority leader, the same Harry Reid worried about the name of the Washington NFL team and at the same time refuses to bring up legislation that is really important to the people of VA.  That's why I think, what at first glance seems like a rather simple ad, is actually a brilliant ad that is a winner [for Ed Gillspie, that is]!

GOP VA candidate Ed Gillespie: "I'll Oppose The Anti-Redskins Bill":

Let the wave begin, baby-the GOP wave, that is!


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