Saturday, October 4, 2014

Romantic Beauty

Due to it being the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur, I am pre-timing this repeat post from July of 2013:

Frederic Chopin
From my post "Mr. Piano":  "I don't think I am out of bounds to say that the great Romantic era composer from Poland, Frederic Chopin, is the greatest composer of piano music ever.  This virtuoso of the piano was a master at composing beautiful romantic piano melodies.  While most of the masters were virtuosos in more than one instrument, that is not true with Chopin.  Piano was his instrument.  For that reason Chopin did not compose many pieces that contain orchestral music or even any other instruments.  Chopin composed only 6 pieces that contained other instruments with the piano."

We are blessed that two of those pieces that contained more than the piano in his compositions were his two piano concertos.  I love them both. 

For this classical music weekend on the Tales here is Chopin's beautiful romantic slow movement of his first piano concerto.  I have played the beautiful romantic second movement of Chopin's second piano concerto which I really love.  That does not mean that I do not also love this beautiful movement from his first concerto, which I surely do.  It is the quintessential Chopin, filled with beautiful melodies and a romantic character.

Listen for the soloist great use of rubato to add a moving beauty to this movement.  Rubato is a technique that is characteristic in a Chopin slow movement.  This E-minor concerto's second movement is scored Romance-Larghetto.

Please turn up the volume, relax and enjoy some romantic beauty by the piano master, Chopin.

F. Chopin: Piano Concerto #1 in E minor, movement 2, Romance-Larghetto:

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