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Bruce Roter: A Modern American Composer

What I love about twitter is that sometimes you can be in contact [tweets] with celebrities in the show business or sports or political or news or music world that you would never have that chance without twitter.  As this is the classical music weekend on the Tales, I remember one of my greatest moments on twitter is when the late great Maestro Lorin Maazel not only Re-Tweeted one of my posts, he actually followed me on twitter.  What an honor for me to have such a great man of music follow me. 

Composer Bruce Roter
Well this last week I had another honor when this young modern American composer and music educator from Albany, New York tweeted to me, asking me what I thought about one of his compositions.  His name is Bruce Craig Roter.  His twitter handle is @BruceRoter and his web site is Bruce

From his web site:  "Roter's music has been performed in the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  With a richly tonal palette, Roter's musical style balances lyricism with passages that are bold and heroic.  Melodies are frequently interwoven, creating exciting and intricate textures.  Roter has written for all standard concert media, from songs and choral works to compositions for chamber ensembles, concert band, and orchestra."

The piece he sent for me to check out was his "Camp David Overture Prayer For Peace".  As you know, I don't talk politics on the Tales classical weekends, so I will make no comment about the message of the piece.  I will talk about the music.  It is a very moving, emotional and powerful piece of music.  This is a nice concert overture containing a beautiful theme that is introduced softly/peacefully by the clarinet at about the 2:06 mark.  The theme returns by the strings with the same peacefulness at around the 7:30 mark, gaining strength and beauty as it is repeated by the entire orchestra which pronounces the theme boldly until the positive closing. 

From his web site: "A Camp David Overture (Prayer for Peace) was inspired by the Camp David Peace Accords between Israel and Egypt.  The 2006 Washington DC premiere brought together diplomats from all over the world, including Egypt and Israel."  

From the Camp David Overture page of his web site, Mark J Estren of the Washington Post states that "'A Camp David Overture' moves from dissonant outbursts to a lovely harmonious theme."  Also, former Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin said, " 'The Camp David Overture' is a beautiful compostion."

Please turn up the volume and listen to this powerful and beautiful overture from American composer Bruce Roter.

Bruce Roter: "A Camp David Overture (Prayer for Peace): 

If you go to Bruce Roter's web site you can find some of his other great compositions, like this new melody he composed for Maoz Tzur, a traditional poem [song] written for the Jewish Holiday, Chanukah.   

This piece can be found on Bruce Roter's You Tube page.

Bruce Roter: Maoz Tzur [a new melody]:

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