Monday, October 20, 2014

Bolling and Gutfeld's Reaction to The Ron Klain Appointment As Ebola Czar

When I heard on Friday that president Obama's pick to be the Ebola Czar [which I wonder why we need] was, Ron Klain, a liberal Democrat lawyer operative who has zero credentials in medicine or health care or viruses, I tweeted out, "Am I crazy to think that we should have someone with at least some connection to medicine or infectious diseases as the Ebola Czar and not some Democrat apparatchik?"   Well, I didn't get to many re-tweets on that one, so maybe I am crazy.  :-)

That is why I felt better after watching "The Five" television show on the Fox News Channel Friday afternoon, because I learned, at least with some, I was not alone in my thoughts that Obama could have picked someone better than Klain to give confidence to the country the position is in good hands.

Watch this video of Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld opine on the Ron Klain pick by president Obama.  Dare I say, great minds think alike?  Well, at least in this case you could say the great minds of Bolling and Gutfeld.

Greg "The King of  Quips" Gutfeld
Eric "Mr. Cashin In" Bolling

"The Five" Friday October 17. 2014 on the Ron Klain pick by president Obama as Ebola Czar:

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