Friday, September 26, 2014

Special Report Panel's Insight Into The President's UN Speech

When I heard excerpts of President Obama's speech before the UN there were a couple of things that bothered me.  It was bad enough the president did his usual pandering to the people of the "great religion of Islam" and again reminding the world how they play such an important part in the "fabric of America", but then he also had to once again tell the world about America's faults [as he sees them], as he stunningly brought up the Ferguson Mo. incident and said this shows "we have problems in our country too",  just like the rest of the world does with terrorists.  If that moral equivalence between people that cut off the heads of "infidels" to a local event between a policeman and a citizen, wasn't bad enough, he had to do the same with Israel and the Palestinians saying that both sides need to work hard for peace.  Boy, that "I got your back Israel" gives new meaning to the phrase, "with friends like these, who needs enemies." 

Bret Baier
Except for conservative talk radio and the Fox News Channel these statements seemed to be overlooked by most of the main stream media who mostly praised the speech.   So, when I saw a DVR replay of special report, I was pleasantly surprised to see how Bret Baier's Special Report Panel not only covered these items [and more] but covered them brilliantly.  On the panel were George Will, Mara Liasson, and Dr. Charles Krauthammer.   Lately I have been critical of some of the things George Will has been saying, but I must admit he was at his George Will best on this panel.  Kudos to you big George.  Charles Krauthammer was at his usual brilliant best [especially listen to his quip at the very end of the following video].

Mara Liasson did her best to try and give her view of the speech in a positive light.  I actually like Mara, even though I disagree with her a lot of the time, because she doesn't say things in a mean spirited way and she always has a smile on her face, but she was clearly outmatched by the great Dr. Krauthammer.  What is funny is you could see the look of curious wonderment on Dr. Krauthammer's face as Mara was making some of her points and you could almost read his mind that he couldn't wait to pounce on her statements with a stinging retort that he is better than anyone else at doing. 

Besides the points I talked about in the first paragraph, there was one point that was very troubling but important in the speech that I didn't catch, but Will and Krauthammer caught that concerned Iran and their development of nuclear weapons.  The point they made was very scary indeed, especially for friends of Israel.

Please listen to this brilliant insight into the President's UN speech from Bret Baier's Special Report Panel:

Nice job Special Report panel [Will, Liasson and Krauthammer] and Bravo! to Bret Baier for once again moderating one of the most interesting and important news discussions on television.



om47wln said...

I'll say this much for Mara: As long as she's there, we won't be subjected, cruelly, to the mindless Juan "talking points" Williams, whose presence always leaves me torn: Turn it off to avoid him, or suffer through him to hear Dr. K.

- 88keyman

Big Mike said...

Amen to that Key man!