Friday, September 19, 2014

President Obama's "As If It Was My Decision" Revision Of History

It is obvious to everyone now that not leaving a residual force of troops in Iraq, after all of the sacrifice made by our troops and after all the gains made in Iraq, was a huge mistake.  A mistake not unknown as many predicted exactly what would happen [terrorists gaining a foothold there].  Check out this post I first published in October 25, 2011 "Michael Rubin: We Will Lose Iraq".

Now when the surge in Iraq, imposed by President George W Bush [that was opposed by Barack Obama and many Democrats], actually worked and he handed off to president Barack Obama an Iraq in better shape than it had been in many years, vice president Joe Biden actually tried to transfer credit over to president Obama.  This from the Weekly Standard: "it's worth remembering Vice President Joe Biden hailed that country [Iraq] as one of President Obama's "great achievements" in a 2010 interview with then CNN host Larry King."

But then the rhetoric suddenly changed when Iraq began to fall apart after President Obama pulled all the troops out of there.  President Barack Obama, never one shy about revising history whenever he must for his political benefit, began to say and now still says, it wasn't his decision to pull all the troops out of Iraq but rather  it was the Iraqi government's fault because they wouldn't sign a "status of forces" agreement [he said because they did not want us in there anymore]. 

From the article I noted above, Michael Rubin said that was not true that we could not get a status of forces agreement  The Iraqi government actually wanted a U.S. residual force to stay and were trying to negotiate to make it happen, but President Obama never tried to negotiate to make it happen [In spite of the advice from the generals on the ground] because his goal all along was to get all the troops out of Iraq.  Michael Rubin is not the only one who says this, but many with knowledge of the Middle East and Iraq and foreign policy expertise have said that we could have garnered a status of forces agreement if the president really wanted one.

So, who are we to believe?  Those experts who say Obama really wanted to leave Iraq without leaving any troops, or do we believe Barack Obama who says it wasn't up to him not to leave troops there, but it was rather the Iraqi government's choice.  Hmm.

This really isn't a hard question to answer because we have president Barack 'reviser of history in chief" Obama's own words which answer the question.

President Obama in his own words:


"As if it was my decision."      "You can keep your health plan."  
 "Not a smidgen of corruption."     "I heard about it on the news."

President "liar in chief"?   Tales reports, you decide.                 


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