Friday, September 12, 2014

Let Me Be Clear, Mr. President

In the president's speech on Wednesday night, President Obama started with this amazing [amazingly dangerous] statement regarding ISIS [which he calls ISIL]:

Well, let me be clear, Mr. President: you don't speak for me.  The terrorists group ISIL are Islamic terrorists, whether you want to hide that fact or not.  They kill and behead Christians and Jews and those Muslims that won't adhere to Sharia law and join in the Jihad, and they do so in the name of Islam.

Sorry, Mr. President but I am not demeaning every single Muslim by calling those Muslims that follow that extreme violent tenet of that religion, Islamic terrorists.  They call themselves Islamic and that's what they are.  They are not just extremists or just terrorists, they are Islamic [Muslim] terrorists whether you will call them that or not.  And for you to dismiss the fact that these terrorists are Islamists, the eve before the anniversary of 9-11, when Muslim terrorists attacked our country, is truly sickening to me.

The person whose back is to us is our Christian president
Why oh, why Mr. President is your first instinct to always defend Muslims?  Start defending America!

The great Dr. Charles Krauthammer, on Wednesday night on Bret Baier's panel on the Fox News Channel, quipped:  "Isn't it kind of patronizing and odd that a western "Christian" president says he knows more about the Muslim religion than Muslims themselves."

Which brings the question to my mind:  why are pundits shocked again when a big portion of Americans in a poll can't name the religion of the president?

Now if they asked in a poll, which religion does president Obama sympathize and have an affinity for the most, I think then the American people would be pretty clear with their answer. 

One thing also looks clear to me, Mr. President.  There is a perfect job for you when your presidency is over.  You can become the press spokesman for Muslims international. 

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