Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Brilliant Line Of Questioning By James Rosen

Fox News Channel's, James Rosen
On Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014, Fox News Reporter James Rosen questioned the State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki, in a question and answer meeting following the beheading of a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, by ISIS terrorists scum.

May God ease the pain of the Sotloff family and his friends and may Steven Sotloff Rest In Peace. 

James Rosen was brilliant in his persistent questioning of Psaki, with his main theme being [paraphrasing]: "Why is president Obama reluctant to say that we are at war with the terrorists' ISIS, especially after this second beheading of an American."  After doing the best job a person can do to answer James' questions without really answering them, Jen Psaki went to other questioners.

State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki
Then to her credit, she went back to James Rosen for another follow up question by him.  This is where the brilliance of James Rosen shined brightly.  He was able to elicit the information, that I am pretty sure Mr. Rosen already knew what the answer was, that president Obama used as an authority to bomb Iraq now, the War Powers Act.  By the admittance of Psaki that president Obama used his War Powers Authority to bomb Iraq, James then followed up again with the obvious question one more time: "How can President Obama say he is using the War Powers Act to bomb ISIS assets in Iraq, but then not say that we are at war with ISIS?   Brilliant, James!

In this brilliance of James Rosen, I am not trying to demean the State Department spokesman, Psaki, as she does the best job as a person can with what she has to work with.  I also, admire her for not cutting James Rosen off and allowing him more than one follow up question.  So, I want to make clear this is not an attack on Jen Psaki.

Watch these two videos that I believe proves the brilliant line of questioning by James Rosen.  The reason I have two videos is because in between the questions by James Rosen in video 1 and his questioning in video 2, others asked questions of the State Department spokesperson.

James Rosen questions State Dept. spokesperson, Jen Psaki, video 1:

James Rosen questions State Dept. spokesperson, Jen Psaki, video 2:

Bravo, James Rosen!

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