Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Case Of Great Minds Think Alike In The Sickening Ray Rice Video [UPDATE]

There are two great shows I like to listen to or watch in the morning as I am usually doing my daily 3-5 mile walk and afterwords as I get back home.   As I am doing my walk, I love to listen to the local sports radio shows in Houston on "Sports Radio 610", one called "In the Loop" with John Lopez and Nick Wright, and the other called "Mad Radio" with Mike Meltser and Seth Payne.

When I get back home I love to watch on the Fox News Channel this great new show called "outnumbered" with [this morning] Jedediah Bila, Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith and Andrea Tantaros and they appear with one "lucky guy" every day.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
On Monday when listening to "Mad Radio" Mike Meltser and Seth Payne were discussing the disgusting Ray Rice video that was just released by TMZ [so sickening to me that I will not put it on this blog] of Ray Rice punching with full force and knocking out his fiancee in the elevator of the Hotel that he was captured dragging his wife out of a few months ago.  They were discussing it with realization that the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell amazingly only gave a two game suspension to Ray Rice.  She could have been killed with the vicious punch she took to the face-what would Goodell have done then, make it a three game suspension?

CBS Sports Radio's Mike Meltser
Anyway in their discussion Mike Meltser said: "I believe this is not the first time Ray Rice did this."  Seth Payne asked: "Why would you say that Mike?"  Mike said [paraphrasing]: "I would never hit a woman, God forbid if I accidentally did, I would feel so guilty and with remorse, 'what have I done?' that I would have been down on the floor comforting the woman, trying everything I could to help her.  The fact that Ray Rice after he knocked her out, showed no remorse, no concern for his fiancee and in fact just dragged her on the floor told me [Mike] that Ray Rice was not acting like someone who did this for the first time...must have had experience with a reaction like that."  Seth Payne agreed with Mike.

The "lucky guy" Guy P Benson
Right after those words by Mike, I had just got back home from my walk and I turned on "outnumbered" on the Fox News Channel on TV to watch the panel of great women along with their "lucky guy" this day, Guy P Benson discussing the Ray Rice video.

Remembering what I just told you Mike Meltser had just said on my local CBS radio sports show on 610 AM, listen to these words from Guy P Benson and how they mirror almost exactly what I had heard  Mike just say minutes earlier on the radio.

Guy P Benson telling the outnumbered crew what was really disturbing about Ray Rice video:

Now this is truly a case of great minds thinking alike as I can say both Mike and Guy are men with great minds!  :-)

UPDATE:  Breaking at 1:30 pm CT on Monday Sept. 8, 2014:  The Baltimore Ravens have just announced they are releasing Ray Rice from the team [and I heard on Mad Radio 610-he may not be eligible for his salary this season]

UPDATE 2:  Also, just announced at 1:50 pm CT on Monday, Sept. 8, 2014.   The NFL has suspended Ray Rice indefinitely.  

The NFL always has a week in supporting women when they sponsor the good cause of breast cancer awareness and charities that are working to find a cure for breast cancer.  How embarrassing and sad it would have been if Ray Rice was playing in the NFL when this was happening.  I say, thank God they finally did the right thing [although it shouldn't have taken the video to make them act] in suspending Ray Rice indefinitely.

There is one question left in my mind.  What did NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, know and when did he know it?  If  he saw this video before he announced his decision of only a two game suspension, then I believe Roger Goodell should turn in his resignation.

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