Monday, August 18, 2014

Uma Pemmaraju: Profile In Great Interviewing

I think one of the toughest interviews to do would be like in the case that is happening in Ferguson, MO where some violence has erupted from protests taking place in wake of the tragic death of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager shot by a Ferguson police officer.

Uma Pemmaraju
Uma Pemmaraju, who hosts a news show in the late morning on Saturdays on the Fox News Channel, interviewed MO state senator Maria Chappell-Nadal, a Democrat who represents the district that includes Ferguson, MO, this last Saturday August 16.

While being sensitive to the fact that there is a dead teenager, Uma also showed strength in asking the tough questions about the violence that had just taken place the night before, including violence against the very convenience store where Michael Brown "allegedly" stole merchandise and then shoved the store owner, just before his confrontation with the police officer.

Here is the interview, after which I will add a few comments about the state senator's response.

I agree with and appreciate the state senator's comments that the violence that was perpetrated was done by those outside of Ferguson wishing to take advantage of [for the most part] peaceful protests from the Ferguson citizens.

While I agree with 90% of her comments, I strongly disagree with her answer, when Uma pressed her about outsiders like Al Sharpton.  To me he is one of the main instigators, taking advantage of a sad situation, to perpetrate conflict within the community.  For the state senator Maria Chappell-Nadal to make excuses for him and say he is not about violence, that is where I part company and strongly disagree with her.

You can't have it both ways, senator.  You can't say it is "outsiders who are coming into Ferguson with their violent language and their behavior" but then not condemn one of the main outside perpetrators of divisive rhetoric.

I think Uma did a great job in letting the viewers understand that with her great questioning.

To me that was a profile in great interviewing.  Bravo, Uma!
One off topic question I have [that may be politically incorrect to ask]:  Why do we never hear from the main stream media the word "alleged" or the words "innocent until proven guilty" when it involves a police officer?


bradley said...

Such a great point--Although this officer MAY have over reacted. we DONT know all the facts yet--He has been already tried and convicted by our president and the media, he has NO chance for a fair objective investigation--Moreover, if he is not charged due to lack of evidence or aquitted, there will be serious viloent riots due to instigation from sharpton, naacp, etc--They will ONLY accept a guilty verdict no matter the facts.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad! No matter what the facts it doesn't call for rioting and violence and looting in the streets.