Friday, August 29, 2014

The JV President

Mark Steyn
Leave it to the great political pundit, writer and humorist Mark Steyn to be the one to catch the obvious punch line in a set-up that our incompetent foreign policy president gave everyone from one of his juvenile foreign policy pronouncements.

Yes, when president Obama in his sad clueless best named the evil, vicious terrorist group ISIS as the JV team, after they captured Fallujah in Iraq, he became an unwilling set-up man to the brilliant Mark Steyn.  Although president Obama was trying to be funny in his JV comment, he actually, unwittingly became the Bud Abbot to Steyn's Lou Costello, the Dean Martin to the Mark Steyn's Jerry Lewis.

Mark Steyn, on the Sean Hannity TV show on the Fox News Channel on Tuesday night, when talking about president Obama's stupid JV remark, said "if anyone is the JV player on the court [and this is known from every 'rinky dink jihadist' and terrorist group around the world] it is president Obama."

Yes, Mark Steyn was set-up with the great joke line from his straight man Barack Obama, but the joke happens to be on America.  And that joke is the president himself.  Sadly, I must truly say.

Here is the video of Gracie Allen getting the laughs from the straight man George Burns...err.....I mean Mark Steyn getting the laughs from the set-up line of the real jokester, president Barack Obama.

Barack Obama, the great divider-in-chief, is the JV president.


Anonymous said...

Yep , #WeHaveNoStrategy Isn't he a pitiful leader? Wowie.
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Pitiful he is Krissy!