Sunday, August 10, 2014

Richard Strauss Organ and Orchestra Festival Prelude

For the next, almost two weeks, Tales and Mrs. Tales and daughter and son-in-law Tales will be on vacation for our first overseas trip to a secret location/s to be named later.  Tales will therefore provide these pre-timed posts containing the best of the Tales, or the best of the Tales you-Tube videos or some classical music for your listening pleasure.  Please check in daily to for a new-old post. Tales appreciates it!
This is a repeat post on March 16, 2014 - for my younger brother, doctor Bradley, on his birthday

On my way to get some coffee this morning from McDonald's I turned on my local classical radio station, KUHA FM 91.7 and heard this magnificent organ sound.  Then I heard the orchestra enter with more magnificent sound.  On the Tales weekend Sunday's I usually like to play something lighter, but while this piece cannot certainly be described as light, I think the organ goes together with Sunday mornings as it does at baseball and hockey games.

The piece is Richard Strauss' [German composer of the late Romantic era] "Festival Prelude for Organ and Orchestra".  This piece grabs you from the start with the solo organ section, and it ends with a triumphant exhilarating climax.  This is the first time I have heard this piece.

I love to hear new pieces of classical music so I can try and figure out the composer.  I humbly submit for a non professional I do a pretty good job as I almost always guess the composer right.  This is one that I missed.  My first guess was Camille Saint-Saens [and not just because of Saint-Saens using the organ in his 3rd symphony, but because the first melody by the strings sounded like it came from the French Romantic composer]. 

Please turn up the sound and enjoy this organ and orchestra beauty.
Happy Birthday Brad, this is for you!

Richard Strauss: Festival Prelude for Organ and Orchestra:

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