Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Governor Jay Nixon Should Resign For His Outrageous Statement

From twitchy : Gov. Jay Nixon, D-MO issues video message, calls for ‘vigorous prosecution’ [of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson]. 

This case is about to go to the grand jury, and the chief officer of the state, the governor has already rendered judgment that the police officer should be prosecuted.  Oh, I guess that won't have any influence on the grand jury or justice for all. 

The governor of Missouri rightfully called for justice for Michael Brown, the teenager who was shot to death by Officer Wilson, but he stopped there.  Governor, yes, Michael Brown deserves justice but so does the police officer.  Because you are a police officer does not disqualify your constitutional rights.  At least I hope not, yet in this country.

I asked this question in my last post "Uma Pemmaraju: Profile in Great Interviewing": "Why do we never hear from the main stream media the word "alleged" or the words "innocent until proven guilty" when it involves a police officer?

I asked that question about the media.  I never thought it would apply to the governor of a state.  As I heard Megyn Kelly say on the Kelly Files, "That is outrageous."  I agree, Megyn!

On twitter I expressed my outrage last night by the following tweets from me and others:

   Michael Beckman @michaelbeck  ·  40m
I believe @ should resign for calling for the prosecution of 1 of his citizens before he has even been charged-
  Joseph Livingston, 3 @JoeyL3rd  ·  23m            
@ @ @ It was clearly irresponsible/He's an attorney, he should know better!!
  Michael Beckman@michaelbeck 20m
@ @ @ In America it's not just one side that deserves justice it's both sides--the Gov wants vigilante justice

  Joseph Livingston, 3 ‏@JoeyL3rd 1h
@ @ @ Well that's how I'm taking his comments "Let's just skip the GJ & go right to prosecution"

  Michael Beckman ‏@michaelbeck 18m
@ @ @ & implied is his conviction-he is the chief law enforcement officer of the state & has rendered judgment
  Michael Beckman ‏@michaelbeck 8m
@ @ @  @ I believe @ should resign 4 basically denying justice 2 one of his citizens

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