Monday, September 1, 2014

Don't Boycott Burger King, Boycott Democrats

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Christian conservative commentator Cal Thomas

The usual suspects are all in a tizzy because fast food giant, Burger King, with the help of Obama sycophant, Warren "It's unpatriotic for me to be in the same tax rate category as my secretary" Buffett, made a move to buy the Canadian franchise  "Tim Horton's Cafe and Bake Shops" and move their official headquarters to Canada.  Burger King insists this is not the reason, but by making that move of their headquarters to Canada, they will then be able to take advantage of Canada's lower corporate tax rates.  This strategy used to lower taxes, which has been called corporate inversion, has been denounced by president Obama and most liberal democrats.

Warren Buffett's order: Acquire Tim Horton's and hold the taxes

Forget the fact that liberals are avoiding criticizing their hero Warren Buffett and his total hypocrisy of calling for higher tax rates on the rich, but then helping the rich avoid, like he does those higher tax rates, they are focusing their anger on "the evil unpatriotic corporate giant" Burger King.  There they go again, those evil rich that exploit the poor, not wanting to pay their fair share in the United States.

I feel, like Cal Thomas does when he pronounced in one of his radio commentaries on last Wednesday, August 27, that Burger King shouldn't be criticized, they should be praised for bringing the onerous corporate and business tax rates of the U.S. in focus to the American people and how that is actually hurting the "average" guy in America [as many companies are forced to take their business [and many time workers] overseas, because of the burdensome taxes and regulations in America.  And these high tax rates and regulations have been promoted and praised mainly by liberal Democrats, like Barack Obama, the same people criticizing a company like Burger King for wanting to legally avoid them.

Because of this, Cal Thomas brilliantly quipped: "Don't boycott Burger King, boycott Democrats."

I agree!  Oh, and hold the onions on that Whopper please.

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