Thursday, July 3, 2014

Who Is Going To Call The White House Chef?

Hmm, I wonder why the main stream media hasn't jumped all over this.  I have just been informed by the Tales ombudsman, Mr. Bigmouth, that a stupid, idiotic, 'bury your head in your hands' statement was made by another Republican candidate running for office.  Sheesh, when will they ever learn?  Can you believe another GOP candidate running for the Senate has joked about his chef putting crack cocaine in his pie. Oh, ha, ha - real funny.  There goes our chances to take over the Senate.  Will someone please inform Mr. idiot GOP candidate that crack cocaine is no laughing matter.  How many young kids lives, especially in the inner city [like this candidate would care about that] have been ruined, and many ended, because of the drug trafficking, especially crack cocaine.

Hold it, wait a second.  Mr. Bigmouth has just made a correction. No, it was not a GOP candidate who joked about crack cocaine.  No, it was the president of the United States.  Great, our country is sure in good hands.

Fantastic Mr. President.  What a great role model you are for our kids, not to mention what a role model you are for your own kids, Sasha and Malia.  Mr. President, you have once said you wouldn't want to see your daughters burdened [sic] with a baby [with an unintended and unwanted pregnancy].  I would hope you also wouldn't want to see your daughters burdened with an unexpected death at the hands of drug related gang violence, like so many kids in one of your many hometowns, Chicago, have tragically been. 

When Rush Limbaugh made an inappropriate joke about Sandra Fluke because she wanted Americans to pay the total cost for her birth control pills while in college, it was none other than Barack Obama, the president of the United States, who rushed to the phone to call Sandra Fluke and apologize to her on behalf of the country for Rush Limbaugh's insensitive joke about her.  He did so, he said partly, because he has young girls and he thought Sandra Fluke was a great role model for them and he wouldn't want someone to make a joke about them.

Well now, that leads to the question: who is going to make that phone call to the White House Chef for the inappropriate joke said about him?   Who knows Mr. President.  Not to be sexist, but maybe one or both of your daughters might want to become a great master chef when they grow up.  Would you like it if a Rush Limbaugh, or maybe another [God forbid] un-presidential president made a "joke" about them putting crack cocaine in pies? 

Hmm, I've got it...turn the phone over to Malia and Sasha and they could apologize to the White House chef for their daddy's inappropriate language.

Note:  I don't really wonder why the main stream media hasn't made a big deal about the president's inappropriate joke about crack.  As you can tell from the video, they haven't stopped laughing yet at the president's knee slapper to report on it. 

Of course, this post is a satire, but I would really like liberals to be intellectually honest and think about this.  What if a GOP senatorial candidate had made the exact same comment that the president made.  Would you have laughed at how funny that candidate is, or would you be demanding every single GOP politician and pundit apologize for that candidate's language and asking them if that candidate should drop out of the race?  Think about it.

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