Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What Israeli Children Sing During Hamas Rocket Attacks

Naomi Ragen
Naomi Ragen, Israeli-American [or maybe better said American-Israeli] novelist, playwright and journalist, has this wonderful newsletter she sends via e-mail.  On Monday, Naomi sent a newsletter entitled, "What Israeli children sing during bomb attacks".  She sent a You-Tube video from Adam Levick on You-Tube he entitled: "What Israeli Schoolchildren Sing to Deal With Rockets."

Naomi Ragen also made this wonderful statement in this newsletter:
"I understand Israel is getting less sympathy because instead of death and destruction, the Iron Dome is protecting our kids.  Here is what I have to say to the Western liberal morons and moral midgets who want to see our children hurt:  Keep your (add as many expletives to this as you see fit) sympathy, we'll keep our children safe instead.   Naomi"

I thought that was a great statement from Naomi and is just one reason I did this post that called her, along with Caroline Glick, "Two Great Women Of The World."

Here is the video Naomi sent.

What Israeli Schoolchildren Sing to Deal With Rockets [on You Tube-via Adam Levick]:

Think of how many times these sweet brave children and their teachers have had to do this.  These are little children.  May God bless them and May God bless Israel.

Please read more of Naomi Ragen's works by going to her website here.

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bradley said...

Hard not to have a tear in eye watching these brave teachers and children!

Big Mike said...

Yep brave is what they are- and to think they have to put up with that multiple times in a day- there is no other country who would show the restraint Israel has.