Friday, July 25, 2014

This Orchestra From Holland Deserves Bravo! From All

Hat Tip:
to my Aunt Carla, great patriotic American from St. Louis, who sent this e-mail containing this amazing video.  Thank you Aunt Carla!

Queen Beatrix of Holland
Recently, with the Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix, in attendance at a classical symphony orchestra concert, the conductor, a Muslim, before beginning the concert takes the microphone to start giving a lecture and proselytizing to the Queen and the audience about the greatness of Islam.

What happens next is amazing to me, as the members of the orchestra, all in unison, get up from their seats and walk out on this conductor.  Bravo!, I cheer.

I am sure these orchestra members had zero problems with the conductor being a Muslim [or any religion for that matter], and they would have given a magnificent performance if the conductor had done just that-conduct.

But then when instead of conducting the great music of the masters, this guy gives a lecture about his religion and how great it is, that is when the problem occurred.  Especially with the queen of their country in the audience, how disrespectful was that?

Note: Listen to the audience applaud as this guy is taken off the stage.


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