Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shocking Moment of Good Journalism From David Gregory

Meet the Left, I mean, Press
I witnessed something on Meet the Press this last Sunday, July 6, that almost made me rise from my chair.  I saw the ultra-liberal, Obama/Hillary sycophant, David Gregory, display an actual good bit of journalism in his questioning of the new Homeland Security chief, Jeh Johnson.  Gregory actually asked the important question to director Johnson on the surging wave of Central American children coming across the border via Mexico.  And it wasn't that Gregory asked the initial question, it was that he tried not to let Mr. Johnson get away with his inane, non-responsive answers to his question [like David Gregory will usually do when interviewing a member of his, I mean, Obama's administration].

Obama must have thought:"good job JJ"
Yes, it was disturbing that the director of Homeland Security never did answer Gregory's question, but this one I cannot blame for lack of effort by Gregory.  While it was disturbing that Johnson did not give a responsive answer it was not surprising as this is the tactic of every Obama administration official.

While you may see Gregory be dogged in questioning a conservative Republican like that, this is the first time I can ever remember him questioning a liberal Democrat, especially one involved in Obama's administration, like that. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at this brief moment of "fair and balanced" from Gregory, the Sunday talk show host.

You may say, but this was less than 2 minutes of fair journalism shown by David Gregory.  True, but from what I have seen from Gregory in the past, I will take what I can get. Since I have been so critical of David Gregory in the past, I wouldn't be fair and balanced if I didn't say Bravo! to him for the following line of questioning.

Jeh Johnson, Director of Homeland Security, not answering David Gregory on Meet the Press:

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