Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Redskins Name Change Absurdity

At the end of this introduction, I'd like to do a repeat satire post from Oct. 14, 2013 called "Rachel Maddow calls out the Use Of the CP-Words".

Hail to the Redskins!
News has come out from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, that they have cancelled the trademarks associated with the Washington Redskins, one of the leading National Football League teams.  This has caused a renewed cry from the politically correct word  police that the name Redskins be changed.  I suppose Washington is okay to keep.  

The people who are demanding that the Washington Redskins name be changed, compare the use of the word Redskins to the use of the vile "N-word."  Of course, they would and should never say the full N-word as written out. but instead say "N-word."  But when talking about the Redskins name being as vile as the N-word, they will actually say the word Redskins, over and over and over again.  How absurd is that.  If the word, Redskins, was truly as vile as they say, why would they say the word over and over again?  Why wouldn't they instead say and type out "the R-word"?

On twitter, those who think the word Redskins name is vile put out a hash tag called #RedskinsNameChange.  Think about that.  They would never put out a hashtag with the actual N-word in it.  If they did, they should and would be banned from twitter.

Also, here is another absurdity.  In Houston on this local sports radio talk show, the announcers were almost giddy when they found the US PATO cancelled the Redskins trademark. Then they came up with the idea [of course kidding] that they could make make jerseys with the Redskins logo and make a lot of money off of it, as a way to get back at the evil Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder for daring to use that name.  Yes, that would show him.  So, let's get this straight, Daniel Snyder is an evil man to continue using the name, but these sports announcers would be doing a community service by selling those same Redskins jerseys [with that same evil name Redskins on it] as a way to get even with Daniel Snyder [for doing the same thing].  Of course, they added on the show, they would donate the money to some Native American charity.  Wow!  If they really feel the Redskins name is so vile, I guess to use the name to make money and then to donate the money to a charity would make it not so vile.  Isn't owner Daniel Snyder doing just that today, in light of the controversy, donating some of his proceeds from his sales of Redskins merchandise to Native American causes?  Hmm, I guess you could say with Daniel Snyder and these local radio sports announcers, great minds think alike.  Or, then again, to be more accurate would be to say that like minds think alike.

In light of the increased pressure on Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins by the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell and the president of the United States, Barack Obama to consider changing the name of the team, I want to do this repeat post on the ridiculousness of that word police political correctness.   I want to say ahead of time that the original post below is a satire, because from some tweets when I published it in October of 2013, some people did not understand that.  Rachel Maddow, one of the leftist on MSNBC, was actually wanting to call the Washington Redskins the Washington R-word team.  That is what the satire is about - in pretending that she really wanted to change the name of the NAACP, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People [sic].

On reflection, I think I must apologize to Rachel Maddow, who I am satirizing in this article, because at least, unlike some who agree with her, she is not being a hypocrite.  She thinks the name Redskins is evil, but unlike most of those who have made the argument that the name should be changed, she does not actually say the name anymore but instead calls them the R-Word.  While I disagree with her that the name should be changed, at least I must admit she is being more honest by saying the "R-word" than those calling for a name change who actually use the word Redskins.

The original post published on Oct. 14, 2013:

 Rachel Maddow Calls Out The Use of The CP-Words

Back from a great time in Montreal, Quebec Canada, I noticed this article on Newsbusters regarding the ultra liberal Rachel Maddow of MSNBC infamy calling out organizations for use of destructive hate language.  Being a little tired from just getting back from vacation, I skimmed quickly through the article and may have one or two small discrepancies in quoting her accurately.  I am sure the Tales ombudsman, Mr. Bigmouth, will come out with an apology for the Tales, if those small discrepancies have any significant impact on the truth.

Rachel Maddow
Yes, no one again can say the liberal icon Rachel Maddow doesn't take on all challenges, where braver men have feared to tread. Maddow takes on a powerful organization, founded by white people, with their name being a derogatory description of an ethnic group.  That organization fighting back against Maddow and others like her say not only is their name not derogatory but it is said with pride of the people it represents.  They say this name is reaped in great tradition and it is said with admiration, and the current CEOs of that organization say anyone who wants to change the name of their great organization will have millions of its fans to deal with.

Yes, Rachel Maddow takes on ........ the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of [dare I say it] Colored People.  Tales, very sensitive on offending anyone in the vast Tales audience, or those few people outside of it for that matter, typed those words painfully.  Colored people?  Really NAACP?   Is there anyone out there who differs with Rachel Maddow that the use of colored people in the twenty first century is not only outdated but also offensive.

Let's see, colored people.  Hmm, African Americans, I guess they can be included. Oh, wait, but not those colored people African Americans who are conservatives.  No, they are not colored, no matter what their skin color looks like.   How about Hispanics?  Aren't they people of color.  They must surely be included.  Well, I guess those Hispanics considered brown people and not white Hispanics, like George Zimmerman.  The NAACP sure doesn't want to represent that colored person.   And how about, dare I say it .... Native Americans-Indians?   Aren't they also, people of color.  Oh, wait a second, but to include them I guess would mean they would have to represent that NFL team with the inappropriate name from Washington, D.C.

Yes, Rachel Maddow is right.  Calling itself the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in the year 2013 is very offensive, so Tales is going along with Rachel Maddow that whenever talking about that organization in the future, at least on this blog, will be forever more called the "CP-words" organization.

I submit the NAACP should get with the times and change their acronym to the NAAAA.  They may say there is not a consensus outcry to change their name, but in these politically correct times, they must remember that if even one person [like Rachel Maddow] is offended, that name can not stand.  It is just a matter of time NAACP.  It will happen in our lifetime. 

Yes, NAACP,  you may have a victory song entitled Hail to the Colored People, but it won't be heard on this blog.

Then again:


bradley said...

Can you imagine the outcry if one wanted to start NAAWP , yet the NAACP is revered even though, as you rightly pointed out, they don not represent all colored people!

Big Mike said...

Brad you got that I was killing two birds with one stone. Satirically making fun of Rachel Maddow's attack on the Washington Redskins name and showing hypocrisy of the NAACP.
Good point out brother!!

Thurman said...

This is great!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Thurman!

Anonymous said...

I never thought there was ever any reason to change the name. Now, after seeing the video, I am even more convinced the name should stay the name!!


Big Mike said...

Thanks Carla for your great wisdom! :-)))

Anonymous said...

First, the came for the R-word, but I was not ans R-word fan. Then the came for the B-Word, but I was not a B-word fan. Then they came for the I-Word ...

Big Mike said...

HA! Brilliant DB. Remember when they really did come after the Tomahawk chop - but after one day when at Braves stadium the whole crowd did it anyway- including Ted Turner and Jane Fonda- that was the end of going after that for being insensitive to Indians. :-)) I still remember that as if it was yesterday watching Fonda and Turner sheepishly joining the crowd in doing it.