Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Prager University Explains Clearly The Middle East Conflict

One of the people I admire most in the world is the author, columnist, speaker, and talk show host, Dennis Prager.  The reason that I admire him is not just that I almost always am on the same side of an issue as Mr. Prager, which I am, it is that he is such a good, decent, kind and helpful man.  He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

What I also admire about Dennis is that he is a brilliant intellectual thinker who can explain issues in a non-elitist way so that the average American can understand clearly.  He explains many of his views on religion, politics, moral issues, world politics in a brilliantly conceived, unique web site called Prager University.  If you want to increase your knowledge on the issues of the day, I suggest you enroll in this "university."  Now, while it is called a university, trust me you do not need a college degree to understand the presentation that he and other speakers put out in the 5 minute videos [what are called courses] of this "college".  What is great is that he does this as a free service [although after you partake in some of the courses you may want to donate here].

On the web site it is said, and it is so true, that Prager University clarifies big ideas 5 minutes at a time.  "We teach what isn't taught."

Recently Dennis Prager has released a "course" video called "The Middle East Problem."  On his radio show Dennis has said that sadly, this video is so relevant today with the rocket attacks Israel is sustaining from the Hamas terrorists.  This video should be required viewing for every American, and everyone in the world for that matter as it explains in such a clear, simple way what the Middle East conflict is all about.  At the beginning of the video Dennis explains that while the Middle East conflict may be the hardest one to solve, it is the easiest one to explain. 

Prager University: "The Middle East Problem" by Dennis Prager:

Please everyone visit Dennis Prager's web site here.
and visit Prager University here.

Also, please view Prager University's latest important video: BDS: The Attempt To Strangle Israel


bradley said...

Wow, totally clear and non biased succinct lesson --- you are so correct, all Americans , ESP thr seemingly more and more anti- Israel left must watch this!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad!