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AIPAC, Will You Finally Call For A Vote On The Iran Sanctions Bill?

Update: January 16, 2014I am now repeating this post, because of this presser I just heard with President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron of Great Britain.  President Obama made it official, just as this post suggested, that he will veto any bill from congress of additional sanctions on Iran.  Only a fool knew that wasn't going to be the case, as demonstrated by previous actions by this president.  So, I am asking the once great pro Israel lobby, AIPAC, will you finally, finally stand with a bi-partisan congress [you could even say in consensus numbers] and Israel, and oppose a presidential veto-urging him not to veto a bi-partisan sanctions bill.   

Many, many months ago, this blog questioned your unwillingness to call for a vote in congress [as your excuse was you were waiting for a more bi-partisan agreement in congress].  Well, now with a GOP led Senate there will be a bi-partisan bill coming out that the president has said that he will veto.  

No more excuses AIPAC.  It is decision time for you.  I will pray you make the correct one in the best interests of the United States and Israel.

originally published in July of 2014

AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, was formed in 1951.  From the AIPAC  web site: "The mission of AIPAC is to strengthen, protect and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of Israel and the United States."  AIPAC calls themselves America's pro Israel lobby.  

I am now calling on AIPAC to act in their role as a pro Israel lobby and finally call for a vote on the bi-partisan Iran sanctions bill, a bill that they played a huge part in delaying a vote on, in order to provide cover for this president and the Democrats in the Senate [who would have had a choice to make if a vote was held to support the Democrat president or to support Israel].  

Please check out this post I did on Feb. 10, 2014: "AIPAC Gives Cover To Democrat Senators On Having To Take A Position on Iran Sanctions Bill."

In that post I detailed how AIPAC, who gave cover to President Obama and Democrats from having to take a vote, said that while they were in favor of the sanctions on Iran bill, they wanted to give time for greater bi-partisan support of the bill [i.e., there were far greater percentage of Republicans in favor of the bill then Democrats and that would have made the Democrats look bad in front of the Jewish community].  

So, the vote was delayed for 6 months [the time of the so-called interim deal between Iran and the United States on their nuclear program] despite objections from pro Israel senators on the hill, including some Democrats.  Check out this article on Jan. 17 about pro-Israel senators:  "They aren’t too happy with delaying until after that pact, and are arguing July 21 wouldn’t be workable. Sen. Carl Levin (D – MI) was particularly critical of the plan, saying it would undermine the prospect of ever imposing the sanctions at all."

Well, it's July 21 and the 6 months are up for Iran and just as Tales predicted, Iran will not agree to a plan to give up their nuclear program. Also, Iran continues its delivering thousands of rockets to Hamas to attack Israel with.  Also, as Tales has predicted, this administration's "red line" of coming down hard on Iran with renewed tough sanctions if a deal hadn't been reached after the 6 month interim period, has gone by the wayside. 

So, what is the Obama administration's tough response to this impasse caused by Iran.  They are giving Iran another "temporary" 4 months extension to reach an agreement on ending their nuclear weapons program.  Iran better get serious now because everyone knows at the end of these extra four months Obama will bring down his iron hammer on them. Yeah, and if you believe that will happen then I have a bridge I want to sell you.  

Oh, by the way, four months more of delay will take us past the November elections.  Surprise, surprise.  What a startling coincidence.

So, AIPAC, Iran's six months are up.  What are you going to say? Because of your strength in the Jewish community, you shamelessly were able to provide cover for president Obama and the Democrat senators from having to vote on the Iran sanctions bill 6 months ago, and your organization is one of the main reasons that there are not strong sanctions on Iran today.   With all these delays in sanctions on Iran [that you support], Iran is getting closer and closer to developing a nuclear weapon which threatens the very existence of the state of Israel.  

I am asking you for Israel and for America's national security interests to please call for an immediate vote on a strong Iran sanctions bill.  Please put America's and Israel's national security interests above supporting this failed president and your Democrat party.  Please think hard about your next move, AIPAC.  An Iran sanctions bill is in your hands. AIPAC, you can make the difference between having strong sanctions being placed on Iran or, in all likelihood, [if the sanctions aren't done now] there never being strong sanctions on Iran again and allowing for the inevitability of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.  

If AIPAC goes along with this administration of giving Iran four more months to stall, then I can only conclude that AIPAC's pronouncement that they really do want an Iran sanctions bill is as truthful as "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."
Full disclosure:  I have in the past been a member of and donated money to both AIPAC and the ADL, and hope to do so again in the future, if they ever return to their roots of being the truly great non-partisan stalwart organizations in support of Israel and fighting anti-Semitism around the world.

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