Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Jerusalem Once A Day" - New App From Naomi Ragen

Naomi  Ragen
I love to receive Naomi Ragen's newsletter in my e-mail box.  Naomi Ragen is renown American-Israeli author and commentator who I featured in this post: "Two Great Women of The World".  In her latest newsletter she describes how she came up with this great new App for your I phones, etc. called "Jerusalem Once A Day".

This quoted directly from Naomi Ragen's newsletter of June 20, 2014:  
"Whenever my husband and I wander around Jerusalem, it never fails that something extraordinary catches our eye: an Ethiopian ceremony in the Liberty Bell Park, everyone dressed in white robes; a religious man and his toddler sitting on a park bench next to an Arab family sharing their sunflower seeds and toys.

I wish everyone could see this,” we often said. Finally, I talked my husband
Alex into using his talent for photography and his technical skills to create an
app that would allow us to share these moments with everyone in the world who, for a few moments every day, could feel the solidarity and joy that comes with being a part of this Holy City.

It was not easy.  But now finally, I’m happy to say, our app JERUSALEM ONCE A DAY is ready to download!

The App only costs $1.99 for a one time charge.  I personally think it is worth it.  I just downloaded it on my I phone.  They really have some great scenes [shown in pics] in Jerusalem.  Then when you see the picture, if you click on 'About' it will tell you what the photo representsFor ex., for the first pic I see on the ap-when I click 'About' it says "A father and son celebrate Purim on the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall."

To get the app I just went to the App store and clicked Jerusalem Once A Day and it popped right up to download.

On Naomi Ragen's newsletter she states the various ways to get the App:
"For Apple (iOS) iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, go to:

For Android (Samsung, etc.), go to:

Or, just visit Jerusalem Once a Day
at http://www.jerusalemonceaday.com and follow the links from

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