Friday, June 13, 2014

He's A Real Know Nothing Man

Repeat post

Get ready for another Tales Sinatra video, or as the fetching Mrs B might say...another Tales torture video.

In light of the just released spying of Chancellor Merkel and other friendly foreign leaders in which the president once again says he knew nothing about [a claim that is nothing new], the Tales thought it appropriate to pay tribute to the most powerful man in the world who seems to know nothing about anything....or is that he knows nothing about everything?   In the words of HHS secretary Sibelius, whatever.

Hat tip to:

John Lennon and the Beatles for Mr. Nowhere Man. 

Turn up, wait, no turn down the volume and enjoy [at least the words if not the singing]

He's A Real Know Nothing Man:


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh how funny! Well not really. LOL

Krissy in ATX!

Big Mike said...

Yes, Krissy...not really funny at all.

bradley said...

John Lennon is surely smiling, laughing and US citizens, smiling, crying!

Big Mike said...

I like that comment brother. :-)

Joel said...

You've done it again!! Ha, ha, ha, but as others have said, it is sad.

Big Mike said...

Thank you, Joel!

Big Mike said...

As Joel on twitter reminded me, yes John Lennon is smiling or else he is rolling in his grave. :-))