Friday, May 2, 2014

The Empty Chair In The Room

The great Bret Baier
On Thursday afternoon's [May 1] Fox News Channel's "Special Report" hosted by Bret Baier, some interesting information was unwillingly pried out of NSC Spokesman, Tommy Vietor's mouth through persistent questioning by Bret.  Anyone who saw the interview had to be upset about how unserious and slimy the former NSC spokesman was.  He had this sickening smirk on his face when talking about the Benghazi terrorist attack-an attack that resulted in the deaths of four great Americans.  How sickeningly unserious was Vietor about answering questions?  One time, in an obvious attempt to hide information, he called Bret "dude."  "Dude", said Vietor childlishly to Bret Baier, "that happened almost two years ago."

God Bless the great journalist and great man, Bret Baier, that he would not just give into Tommy Vietor's inanity and with great persistence was able to elicit some important information on the whereabouts of the president on the night of the Benghazi attack .

Vietor, was in the situation room during the attack.  Tales has now obtained these excusive pictures of the situation room from September 11, 2012 from the White House.

White House Situation Room: Sept. 11, 2012:
You deal with the trivial matters-I have an election to win.

Yes, even the slimy Tommy Vietor could not lie his way out of this one. He grudgingly admitted he never saw at any time President Obama in the situation room on that sad night. That is shameful. 

That is why president Obama is a shameful person.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Frankly, you are being very kind sir.


Big Mike said...

The Tales ombudsman, Mr. Bigmouth, reminded me of the Tales high standards before I was able to call him what I wanted to call him BZ. :-)))