Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tales Tweet of the Week - May 1, 2014

Tales is proud to announce a repeat winner in the extremely difficult to achieve honor of having the Tales Tweet of the Week.  Yes, Dr. Marty Fox from the great state of Kentucky, a man most of you know well as the supreme insightful caller of the "Morning in America" radio show of Bill Bennett is the repeat offender, I mean winner.

Dr. Marty Fox has not just been a caller to Bill Bennett's show, but he has also been a guest co-host with Bill when he dissected the Bill O'Reilly/President Obama interview from Super Bowl Sunday. Check out this post from the Tales on that great segment of Dr. Fox on the Bill Bennett show: Dr. Marty Fox Critiques O'Reilly's Interview With The President.

Earning the Tales Tweet of the Week is not easy, when you notice these following requirements that must be met to have a chance in earning this high recognition:  1. It must be a tweet on twitter.

There you have it.  Now you know why not just anyone can have the honor of being named the Tales Tweet of the Week.  Dr. Marty Fox has met those high standards, and without further ado, here is his tweet posted on twitter on Tuesday night, that is so good, it is deemed to be:

The Tales Tweet of the Week

While we're banning people for life, could we ban Chief PLO Negotiator John Kerry?

As you see from the tweet, Dr. Marty Fox has an ingenious twitter handle: @DrMartyFox  It would be well worth your while to follow the good doc, if you want to have access to insightful, and many times humorous, tweets. 

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