Friday, May 9, 2014

Tales, The Soul Man

This weekend is full of great music for the fetching Mrs. B and I.  Tomorrow [Saturday] night we will be attending Jones Hall for an epic concert of Mahler's Symphony # 8 [a choral symphony-called Symphony of a Thousand].  Tonight [Friday] the "Tales" becomes Mr. soul man as we will be attending the "Soul Jam" at the Arena Theater, featuring The Stylistics, Heat Wave and Emotions. 

As usual when Mrs. B and I attend a concert [classical or pop] I like to give you an example of what we will be enjoying [and I guess in another sense of what you will be missing. :-)]

So, please turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy.

Stylistics: Betcha By Golly Wow:

The Emotions: The Best Of My Love:

Heat Wave: Always and Forever:

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