Thursday, May 8, 2014

Oldie But Goodie: Klavan's One State Solution

toNaomi Ragen, American Israeli author, blogger, leader activist for women's rights and for the state of Israel.  Please read this post I did on Naomi Ragen and Caroline Glick: "Two Great Women of the World" 

She sent her newsletter on Wednesday of this very funny, satirical but at the same time filled with so much truth video about the state of Israel and the Mid East, from PJ Media's great Andrew Klavan "On the culture" from May of 2011. 

What is great about this humorous video is that it is so relevant today.  There are two updates that could have been put in the video because of recent events.  The video talks about how Jimmy Carter and other leftists pretending not to be anti-Semitic, talk of Israel being an apartheid state.  Of course, that brings to mind our clueless, loose lipped Secretary of State who recently blurted out that if Israel didn't give into a two state solution soon, they may become an apartheid state.  Also, Andrew Klavan mentions the enormous 14 trillion dollar debt that America faced [in 2011].  That debt in just a couple of more years under Obama has risen to an even more disastrous 17+ trillion dollars.  That almost makes you wish for the debt in the good old days of 2011.
Be prepared to laugh and learn.  This is good stuff.

Klavan's: One State Solution: Give The Middle East To Israel:

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