Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Has The Russian Press Taken Lessons From The American Press?

Eric Snowden 
On April 17, 2014, Eric Snowden, the former contract computer expert employed by NSA who revealed details of classified US government surveillance programs and has now fled to Russia, was a surprise questioner at a Vladamir Putin question and answer session.  The American press made light of it, saying this makes Snowden look even more like a stooge for the Russian government, and also it showed how laughably staged this so called press conference in Russia was.  Come on Vlad, you let Snowden give you a set-up softball question and expect us to believe this was a legitimate give and take with the tough Russian news media?  How gullible do you think Americans are?

Just to compare how laughable the Russian news media is compared to the stalwart seekers of truth and exposers of government corruption that the American news media exemplifies, let us look at the tough questions that our president faces from "real" journalists of the main stream media.  Look closely Russia news media, you may learn something.

Note:  If your young child happens to read these questions from the American media to the president, let them know that the media is not trying to tear down the presidency, but just trying to be vigilant in monitoring the political process in order to ensure that no politician, no matter how powerful, abuses the democratic process.  That is why, in the past the American media has been called "the fourth estate."  Let your children know these extremely tough questions that president Barack Obama has encountered are faced by all presidents from our vigilant media.

Just a few of the tough questions poor President Obama has had to endure from the dogged media in the USA:

On Feb. 2, 2009Matt Lauer, from NBC, asked the president: "With all the pressures [that this man] faces, can you keep normalcy with your family life?"

On Feb. 2, 2009Matt Lauer asked president Obama: "Since you work long hours, do you get to use your blackberry?"

On Feb 2, 2009 Matt Lauer asked the president: "You [President Obama] have achieved a rock star status, so do you feel slighted when you see this magazine" [that he held up which had an article about the president's family but didn't have the president's picture on the cover-[Gasp]!  What do you think about that Mr. president?"

In June, 2009:  Harry Smith, from CBS, asked president Obama [without flinching]: "What do you wish you knew before you came to the White House?"

In June, 2009Harry Smith asked the president: "The whole nation wants to know this, Mr. president" [I hope your sitting down before you read the rest] ..."is your dog out of control?"

On July 21, 2009Meredith Viera, a woman obviously out to get the truth asked the president: "You are married to one of the most fashionable woman in the whole world, so, do you want to defend the jeans you wear?" 

Yes, you may think those questions have been brutal for the president to answer, but you may want to keep your children from hearing the following question that nearly stoped the president in his tracks.

On Feb. 21, 2013An ABC 7KGO reporter asked the president: "this may be a question you want to duck [who wouldn't] but Mr. president, how is your golf game?"

There you go Russia media.  I wonder how your president Putin would face up to the torturous scrutiny president Obama has had to endure.  Maybe if you would be as vigilant as the American media, your country would be as free as we are in America. 

Of course, the tough questioning this president faces might even be a little tougher than they have been [I know that is hard for you to believe], except for this admission by Steve Croft of CBS news when he was on the Piers Morgan Show on CNN on Feb. 2, 2013: "we are not going to go out of the way to make him [president Obama] look bad."

Hmm, maybe now the question that must be asked is: Has the Russian press already taken lessons from the American press?  If so, I give them an A+!

  It's no big deal, dude.

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