Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Senator Ted Cruz Calls For Secretary Kerry's Resignation

I found this very disturbing article in the Daily Beast of unbelievable disgusting remarks from Secretary of State John Kerry "that if Israel doesn't make peace soon [in a two state solution], it could become an apartheid state, like the old South Africa."  The Secretary of State bringing back the old anti-Semitic canard equating the state of Israel's treatment of Palestinians to the racist South Africa despicable apartheid government.  He made this statement to a room of influential world leaders in a closed door meeting on Friday, April 25, 2014.  The Daily Beast article goes on to say that "Jewish leaders are fuming over the comparison."

To read the entire article in the Daily Beast click: "Exclusive: Kerry Warns Israel Could Become "An Apartheid State."

When I saw this article I immediately e-mailed some of my Jewish relatives that Kerry needs to resign NOW!   I also tweeted this on twitter.  I was hoping I wasn't alone in my thinking.  I wasn't.

The great Senator Ted Cruz went on the Senate floor to say Kerry should resign.  Great minds think alike?  I wish I could put myself in the same sentence as the US Senator from Texas-but then that would reveal that it is only the senator's mind that is great and mine is delusional.  :-)

I received Monday afternoon, April 28, 2014, an e-mail from Senator Ted Cruz office of a press statement for immediate release entitled:

Sen. Cruz: Sec. Kerry Should Offer President Obama His Resignation;
The President Should Accept It

In the press release:  
WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today spoke on the Senate floor to call for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s resignation following the secretary’s comments at the Trilateral Commission that Israel could become an “apartheid state” if his proposed two-state solution to the peace Israeli-Palestinian peace-process fails.
“There is no place for this word in the context of the State of Israel. The term ‘apartheid’ means ‘apart’—different, isolated—the state of the victims of apartheid with which the Jews are all too familiar. The notion that Israel would go down that path, and so face the same condemnation that met South Africa, is unconscionable. The United States should be aggressively asserting that Israel can never be made an apartheid nation while America exists, because America will be with Israel regardless of the status of any diplomatic process.
“The fact that Secretary Kerry sees nothing wrong with making such a statement on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day demonstrates a shocking lack of sensitivity to the incendiary and damaging nature of his rhetoric. It is my belief that Secretary Kerry has thus proven himself unsuitable for his position and that before any further harm is done to our alliance with Israel, he should offer President Obama his resignation and the President should accept it.”
To read the entire press release and Senator Cruz words on the senate floor, please click here.

video of Sen. Cruz’s remarks may be viewed athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbC24Lwf4Gg

Thank you Senator Ted Cruz!  From your lips to God's ears.
Update:  After the Secretary's comments have brought a firestorm of criticism, on April 28, three days after his outrageous statement has been left out there for all the anti-Israelis to use to support their position of hatred toward Israel, Secretary Kerry said he now rues using his apartheid remark.  From the Wall Street Journal

"WASHINGTON—Secretary of State John Kerry, under political fire, acknowledged late Monday that he warned recently that Israel risks becoming an "apartheid state" if Middle East peace efforts fail to produce a two-state solution with Palestinians.  Mr. Kerry said he wishes he had used a different term to describe Israel's risks, but lashed out at critics who said his choice of words showed him insensitive to Israel or unfit to be chief U.S. diplomat".  

But, as Senator Ted Cruz stated on the Kelly Files on Monday night, words have meaning and now those opposing Israel can say, "see, even the United States Secretary of State agrees with us."  Do you think they will mention Kerry's too late retraction?

From Politico:  The great Dr. Charles Krauthammer, on the Fox News Channel's Special Report panel with Bret Baier said he agrees with Senator Cruz that Kerry should resign.  Dr. Krauthammer said: "To compare that in any way with the systematic discrimination of black Africans in South Africa is truly appalling and hurtful."


Anonymous said...

Didn't the President say something about "letting ignorant folks talk"? That seems to cover both Kerry and himself.

Big Mike said...

Yes he did DB! I think it also included Rev Jeremiah Wright when the president was so silent about those ignorant remarks.