Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Congressional Republicans Move Ahead In Twitter Followers

Gretchen Carlson
Hat Tip To: Gretchen Carlson host of the midday show on the Fox News Channel "The Real Story" Gretchen pointed out this article in the Washington Post on data about congressional members and followers on twitter.   Note: For any who has not seen Gretchen's show on the Fox News Channel, from 1-2pm CT,  I would advise to check it out.  She has one of the most informative show with intelligent fair and balanced interviews, in my opinion.

I liked this article because it looks like it confirms one of my theories that conservatives and Republicans use twitter more and that liberals and Democrats use Facebook more.  I don't have any facts to base up my theory, I only surmise it from anecdotal evidence.  I know most of my liberal relatives and friends are almost all on Facebook, but almost none of them are on Twitter.  I am one of the few people who is very active on twitter, but I don't use Facebook at all.  Because I have this blog, Tales From A Tribble, I get the pictures and videos that I probably would post on Facebook, and put them on my blog instead.

This was a great article on the Washington Post with data gathered by [and the article written by] Christopher Ingraham.  The article is entitled Congressional Republicans are Winning on Twitter in 2014

The main themes of the article as shown by the data is that Republicans in Congress have more followers and follow more people than Democrats on twitter.  The data showed that "The median Republican House member has 6,872 Twitter followers, while the median Democrat has 6,015, a difference of about 13 percent. Republican Senators enjoy an even wider advantage - 23,252 followers versus 19,429 for Democrats, a gap of 17.9 percent."

Christopher Ingraham's gathered data from twitter showed that 7 of the top 10 most followed legislators are Republicans, and even more startling is that in the House 7 of the top 9 members who are followed most on twitter are Republicans.

This is all good news because it has long been thought, and it may have been true in the past, that the Democrats had a huge edge with the new social media.  I think these numbers from twitter shows that the huge edge of the Democrats is gone and at least they have been neutralized.  I am not saying that these numbers prove the Republicans now have the edge, but I think this does mean that the Republicans are at least back in the game on the social media front, and that is a good thing.

To read these lists and to read the whole article by Christopher Ingraham, please click here.

Update prediction:  Christopher Ingraham tweeted me, in light of this article, that he would soon have the numbers for Facebook regarding congressional members.  My prediction is that the numbers will show the Democrats have a slight edge in Facebook numbers, which will be okay as it means there will basically be a split in support of the new social media between congressional Republicans and Democrats.  Now if his numbers show the Republicans also have the edge on Facebook, that will really be surprising and really be good news! 


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