Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bill Maher's Surprising Expose Of Liberal Double Standard

Sean Hannity who played a portion of this video on his Sean Hannity TV show on Monday night.

Bill Maher, the insufferable leftist, every once in a while surprises with a positive statement of conservatism, or, as in this case, exposes a double standard position taken by the left.  After Maher's initial disgusting comments about former Secretary of Education, Republican Bill Bennett, watch how the two liberals [alongside New York Republican Rick Lazio] on the panel are set up brilliantly by Maher, as he first quotes a statement from Paul Ryan, R-WI, knowing exactly the negative response it will receive from those two.

Then Bill Maher quotes another statement [that he represents is also from Paul Ryan].  Watch the reaction of the two liberals when Maher reveals that the second statement is not by Paul Ryan, but from someone else [I don't want to spoil the surprise].  Also, notice how the liberal man tries [but fails in my opinion] to come up with an excuse of why his reaction was no double standard at all [ergo, their opinion of Congressman Paul Ryan stands].  Also, listen to how Maher's left wing audience claps and laughs when the liberals on the panel are attacking Paul Ryan, and the contrasting deafening silence from the audience when the person's name, who actually made the second statement, was revealed by Maher.  Liberals exposed brilliantly by Bill Maher.

Remember the movies, The Sting and The American Hustle.  Maybe this expose by Maher, if it were put to film, would be called The Sting of the Ideological Liberal.

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