Thursday, April 24, 2014

America's First PINO

What would you think of a leader who: 

*  makes a telephone call to a private citizen who gave testimony before a congressional committee demanding that the American people pay for her contraceptives while in college because he said she was attacked by Rush Limbaugh  BUT never even mentions, much less makes a telephone call, to a courageous woman denied an honorary degree to a supposed great university for being too controversial, that has not only faced verbal abuse but has an actual Islamic "fatwah" against her?

*  makes a telephone call to and praises a basketball player as courageous because he announces his sexual preference BUT  humiliates a man with real courage, the Prime Minister of Israel, as he makes him sit alone in a room in the White House while this supposed leader goes out to lunch?

won't attend the Winter Olympics in Russia because he wants to send a message of displeasure with their policies antagonistic to Gays BUT will bow down to a Muslim country leader whose Sharia law doesn't just discriminate against Gays and women but demeans them to such an extent that it makes violence against them permissible?   

Oh, by the way, this leader was praised effusively by the main stream media for his sending Gay athletes in his place to Russia to represent the United States, but they never questioned his going in person to a Muslim country just days later.  When this leader sends Billie Jean King to one of those Muslim countries in his stead, then I will praise him.

* arrogantly uses flawed numbers to say the debate is over and settled about climate change, about the IRS scandal, about the Benghazi scandal, about Obamacare, BUT still won't say that those great Americans who were murdered at Ft. Hood by the terrorist Major Nidal Hassan, died in a terrorist attack? 

Note: A guest on Neil Cavuto's "Your World" show on Friday, April 18, made a great point about that.  This guest said president Obama said over and over at his presser that the debate was over about Obamacare and the GOP needs to move on.  "If the debate is over, Mr. president," said the guest, "then why the hell are you still debating about it."

*  scolds the GOP for not immediately making legislation to have "equal pay for women" BUT makes excuses for why there is not equal pay for women in his White House?  [and by the way, the excuses he makes are the exact same reasons the private sector gives]

*  who will say we need to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal, say we need to find out who the perpetrators in the Benghazi terrorist attack, say he wants the justice department to find out about the "fast and furious" policy BUT then only days later call all of those events "phony scandals"?

*  will talk about a local event between a police force and a citizen, saying the "Cambridge police acted stupidly"; will talk about a local murder trial, even saying before the trial has even started and before the facts have come out that if he had a son, he would look like the teenager that was killed; will talk about a law of a state saying he is in strong disapproval of it BUT  won't comment on a foreign student getting shot dead while jogging, or comment on an elderly veteran being beaten to death by teenagers, or comment about a "knockout game" by black youth targeting whites walking in the street, because this leader says he doesn't want to comment about local events?

*  will threaten another country that a "red line" should not be crossed or that country will face big consequences, BUT when that red line is crossed said that he never made such a red line?

*  would go to the Muslim world when he first gets elected and not be afraid to tell the Muslim world of all the faults and misdeeds America has made in the past, BUT is all of a sudden totally silent when in that same Muslim world Christians are continuing to be terrorized at the hands of Muslims?

*  would scold our strongest ally in the Middle East for not doing enough to get the peace process going [for ex., by stop building homes in their country] BUT will not scold our ally's adversary that they must recognize that country as a Jewish state, before talks could even consider starting?

*  consistently uses people [many times young people] as background props in his speeches for political purposes, in a faux concern for the American people, BUT figuratively spits in Americans faces, who have been targeted by the IRS, when he calls that targeting a "phony issue" and also dismisses their concerns with the phrase "not even a smidgen of corruption"?
I would think of such a leader, that he is not much of a leader at all.   In fact I would call such a person who would do all those things a small, weak, ineffectual, un-serious joke of a man-certainly not a leader.

Sadly this man has been elected twice by the American people as president of the United States.

While this man is officially the President, the commander in chief who is supposed to be the leader of our country, I think there is a better term for him: "PINO".   Yes, another first for Barack Hussein Obama.  

America's first "President In Name Only"


Unknown said...

This scares me with all the lies you read on the internet you do not know what to believe anymore.

Big Mike said...

Kim everything I put in here is fact, not lies. It is sad facts about our president but it is the truth.