Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Quip Of The Century

I would have made this the Tales Tweet of the Week, but this was not in the form of a tweet and unfortunately, the person who made this quote is not on twitter [at least I couldn't find him on twitter-so, if anyone else can please tweet me].  Now I know when I call this the quip of the century that this century hasn't been that long.  But that means that  the Tales quip selectors finds this quip so good that it cannot possibly be outdone in the next 86 years.

Deroy Murdock
This quip was made on Sean Hannity's show on Tuesday night.  Sean had a three member panel, and this quip was so good I actually have forgotten who the other two members were-I do remember they [two ladies] were both very good.  But the man who was in the middle was Deroy Murdock.  Mr. Murdock is a syndicated columnist with Scripps Howard News Service and contributing editor with National Review Online.

Sean Hannity was saying that with all that is going on in the world and at home today, president Obama never seems to lack the time to play golf, have celebrities in the White House to entertain for him, go on comedy shows, etc.  Sean mentioned his recent appearance on this online video comedy show attempting to sell his ill fated health care plan to young people [so they would sign up before the end of March].

This is when Deroy Murdock made the following brilliant quip-so good, that this is the Tales Quip of Century:

"I know whenever we [conservatives] criticize the president we always find the need to stipulate that we respect the office of the presidency.  It would be nice if every once and a while the president showed respect to the office."

I was watching when Deroy said that and I actually got up from my chair and cheered.  In just two sentences Mr. Murdock put his finger on what I believe has been gnawing at many conservatives, but just couldn't express it as eloquently as Deroy. 

Bravo Deroy Murdock!  That brilliant quip will be hard to beat in this 21st century.  :-)

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