Monday, March 17, 2014

The Jig Is Up On President Smidgen

When President Obama told Bill O'Reilly in his interview on Superbowl Sunday that there "was not a smidgen of corruption" at the IRS, it didn't take a Sherlock Holmes to know that the was lying.  We know from the direct testimony of  those conservative people and groups who were targeted by the IRS, before committees in the House of Representatives.  We know from individuals, like Dr. John Eastman, law professor at Chapman University in California, who detailed how information that he gave to the IRS was illegally transmitted to other entities of the government.  We know from the head of the IRS at the time, Lois Lerner, not once, but twice asserting her fifth amendment right not to testify before a congressional committee.  Yes, she has every constitutional right to not testify, but we as citizens of the United States have every right to make a common sense assumption that Lois Lerner refusal to answer questions is because she wanted to cover-up corruption and law breaking that went on at the IRS.  And we know that illegal targeting took place against tea party groups as some of those groups, still after years of IRS scrutiny,  have yet to been given their status that they as American citizens have a right to know.

In a Real Scandal
So, we know that president Obama lied, but that is not a big revelation with all the lying this man has done since he took office [in fact winning the 2013 "lie of the year" award from Politifact].  Lying seems to come as a second nature to Barack Obama.  The question becomes why did he lie in this case.  It certainly wasn't to help his poll numbers.  The president had to know, after experiencing a big drop in his job and personal approval numbers after his lies about Obamacare were proven, that lying in this case would certainly not raise his approval numbers.  He also had to know that if had told Bill O'Reilly that he was upset with the targeting by the IRS and was going to make every effort to get to the bottom of what was going on, that might actually have boosted his standing with the public.  So, why did he lie in this case?

President Liar
This is the easy answer.  There can be only two explanations why the president lied again:  1. He lied to cover-up his involvement [direct or secondary] or others in his administration's involvement in the wrong doing by the IRS or 2. He had no direct or secondary involvement with the corruption, but he agreed with the illegal action by the IRS.  In my opinion, the answer he lied is because he was indirectly involved in the IRS targeting of tea party groups, and other conservative groups that opposed the president.  I cannot give proof of that, but that is just my feeling.  But if that is not the case and he did not have any involvement, there is no doubt in my mind that he approved of that illegal action by the IRS.  In either case, that speaks very badly on the character of our president.

The reason you know it has to be one of those two answers is because if he really was upset by the IRS targeting of conservative groups and truly was not involved and had no knowledge of the IRS action, then it would not have been to his advantage to say there was not a smidgen of corruption. 
In fact, it would have been to his advantage to say that he didn't know if there was corruption and that he wanted a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of what really happened.  If he had said that, then that might have actually helped his approval numbers.  Think about it, if president Obama was truly unaware of the targeting and he knew that he or no one else in his administration had any part in the wrong doing, a real investigation would have helped to vindicate him and his administration and would have improved his standing with the American people [by his leading the way to stop the corruption].

Also, by president Obama saying there "was not a smidgen of corruption" in the IRS scandal, means that Barack Obama and his defenders can't use the excuse they always do by saying he really didn't lie because he really didn't know what happened .   You can't tell the American people there was not a smidgen of corruption and then claim later that you just didn't know.  

Not a smidgen of integrity
Just like when president Obama used the word "period" in the health care lie, when he used the word "smidgen" in his IRS lie, it was a definitive declarative stamp of his absolute knowledge of what happened.   In his own words of "not a smidgen of corruption", he was telling the American people he knew exactly what happened [or else how would he have known there was not a smidgen of corruption?].  

Which means that our president knew exactly that he was lying to the American people...once again.

Yes, the jig is up on President Smidgen.


Anonymous said...

My understanding is that it is not legal for federal employees to "take the 5th". You loose some rights by working for the government. That Lerner's refusal to testify was not preceded by her resignation indicates more than a smidgen of corruption.

Big Mike said...

Oh,'re right DBS---Obama told the truth..there was not a smidgen of corruption but a whole lot of smidgens. :-))