Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reid and Schumer, American People Truthers

With the American people becoming more and more frustrated and negative towards Obamacare, the Democrats have ventured on this new strategy to increase its support and their party's standing with the American people.  The Democrats new strategy: blame the American people, the victims of Obamacare.  They now say those Americans who are telling their horror story experiences with Obamacare are making them up, all of them.  That's the Democrat newest explanation on Obamacare's unpopularity.

It began with the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, D-NV:

Chuck "you" Schumer
Then backing up Harry Reid's outrageous attacks on the American people came the 2nd ranked Democrat in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer - NY, who said just hours after Reid's statement: "the parade of horrible stories trotted out by the haters of this bill have proved not to be true.”  So, Schumer doubles down in not only calling Americans liars, but accusing those who have related their bad experiences with Obamacare as being "haters of this bill" [Obamacare].  Well come to think of it, on that statement Schumer may have a point.  Although, I am sure some of the people relating their horror stories with Obamacare are Democrats and original supporters of the bill,  they probably now are haters of the bill after what they have experienced.

These two men aren't just any Democrats but they are the top two Democrats in the US senate.  Think about that and think how disgusting that is for two of the most powerful people in America calling some of their own constituents, liars.

When you have leaders of the Democrat Party calling the American people liars regarding their Obamacare disaster stories, that is a shout out to the main stream media to start doing their part for their party...err...country, and chip in with their own stories how Americans are just making it all up.

I predict we will soon be seeing Obama main stream media propagandists do investigative reporting  not on the stories told by Americans of how Obamacare is deleteriously affecting their lives, but on those very Americans making the claims themselves.  I bet the media will dig up facts that some of these people telling the horror stories are Republicans, some probably members of the tea party, and even worse some may be Christian conservatives [gasp]. 

Benghazi, that's not any of the main stream media's business.  The IRS targeting conservative groups, especially tea party groups, well, what is wrong with that?  But American citizens telling their stories about how Obamcare is affecting their and their families lives, now that cannot stand.  The media must and will get to the bottom of the evil Americans making those claims.

While this strategy has started with Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, I predict it will soon spread to other Democrats making the same claims about "lying" Americans.

Make no mistake about it.  We have had 9-11 truthers and Obama birthers. These Democrat deniers of Americans who are describing the pain and suffering as a result of Obamacare will have joined the list of conspiracy nuts.

Yes, senators Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer are American people truthers.  And they may be turnout to be the kookiest truthers of them all.  

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