Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quip Of The Week

Chris Salcedo
I heard this great insightful quip Monday morning on local Houston talk radio, KSEV, from this great conservative, Chris Salcedo, who is sitting in for the vacationing Edd Hendee.   Chris is a conservative journalist who is a contributor to PJ Media and the Blaze and is currently the executive director of the conservative Hispanic Society.  He has a book he will be re-launching soon, "Liberty Rises". You can follow Chris on twitter: @ChrisSalcedoTX

When reading this quip, you will not see the names of the president's involved, but they are self-evident.  You will know who Chris is talking about.  One happens to be one of the greatest president's of all time and the other one has supplanted Jimmy Carter at the bottom of clueless presidents [on foreign and economic policy].

I know this week has a ways to go, but this quip is so good from Chris Salcedo it is The Tales Quip of the Week:

"It took a strong, assertive, conservative leader to help destroy the Soviet Union.  It took a weak, clueless, leftist president to resurrect it."

A great president
A great voter's mistake

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