Thursday, March 20, 2014

Never Forget The Benghazi Four

I did this post last May.  I must repeat this post as the worst cover-up in American history continues and this scandal should not just fade away, as four great Americans lost their lives in the Benghazi terrorist attack that our government, with the help of the main stream media, wishes would just fade away.   Never Forget the Benghazi 4!   Let us still pray for the families of these real patriots.

Therefore, this repeat post from May 6, 2013:
The Benghazi Cover-Up Rots From The Head:

On Sept. 11, 2012 Islamic terrorists killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, Ty Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty in Benghazi, Libya in a violent terrorist attack.  The terrorists have never been brought to justice or even captured.  During the attack the president of the United States never made one phone call to find out the safety of his ambassador or the other Americans in the embassy.  While an eight hour attack on the embassy took place president Obama was sound asleep, probably dreaming of the fund raising speech that he was to give the next night in Las Vegas.  It's good the attack took place in Libya so our president didn't have to hear the cries of our patriots begging for help as the terrorist attack was taking place.  It might have ruined his sleep.  Then again, it probably wouldn't have bothered mister cool at all.   You don't have to wonder how this president handled that 3 am phone call in the White House--the phone was off the hook. 

With the close presidential race heating up, president Obama couldn't have any little terrorist attack in Libya derail his re-election.  After all, there were only four dead Americans.  President Obama couldn't have any incident contradict the narrative he had been trying to peddle to the American electorate that Bin Laden was dead, Al Qaida was on the run, and the war on terror was well under control.

So, the cover-up was about to begin to make sure the Obama narrative would last at least through his re-election.  I might say even Robert Redford and Paul Newman couldn't have come up with a better plan of deceiving the American people than the Obama gang.

First the president would give a speech the next morning telling all Americans that an investigation was under way and his administration would not rest until they found out who the terrorists...oops, I mean who the criminals were who perpetrated this crime so he could bring them to justice.  To think this attack took place over 7 months ago, president Obama must be awfully tired as he has not been able to rest yet because the perps are still at large. That first speech would hold off the American people for a while, to give them time to form an ingenious plan.

The scheme began as the president had the secretary of state, check that, I mean the UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, to go on every Sunday talk show, five days later [when even the president of Libya said what happened was undoubtedly a pre-planned terrorist attack] to say that the information they had at the time that this was not a pre-planned attack but just a spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand due to a "hateful" U Tube video derogatory to the president's prophet...the president of Libya, that is.

Then the president would go before the United Nations, two weeks after the "spontaneous crowd" got out of hand, to lend credibility to Susan Rice's lies, by announcing himself, that the United States had nothing to do with the hateful video [thereby, implying it was the video that caused the violence] and he said the United States rejected those "who would slander the prophet of Islam."

The cover-up would be reinforced with the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, chiming in passionately to the Muslim world that the United States had "absolutely nothing to do with this hateful [U-Tube] video".

This cover-up, of course, couldn't be carried out without the helpful protection from the main stream media. Unfortunately, for the families and the American people, the main stream media did there part well in making the cover-up a success.

As time would go on and the cover-up seemed to be going well, you had some mean conservative Republicans who did not like the fact that there were so many unanswered questions regarding the lack of security for the Embassy and the administration's actions during and after the terrorist attack took place.  Some even dared to question the players of the cover-up.  When the Secretary of State was questioned before the U.S. Senate, she did not take kindly to those who wondered why the administration had blamed a U-Tube video for weeks for a terrorist attack that the rest of the world new was a planned attack.

Then for reinforcement, the administration made a brilliant move to get Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-FL, the DNC chairman, a woman whose intelligence ranks right up there with the likes of senator Barbara Boxer, D-CA and Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, D-TX., to sayRepublicans are "un-American" for seeking answers to the terror attack in Benghazi on September 11

As the months went by it seemed like the cover-up was rock solid. Whoever said that the truth eventually comes out might go back to thinking that one over again. But those darn Republicans at the Fox News Channel [don't try and fool us Fox] were breaking many stories on Benghazi that would be detrimental to the smartest president this nation has ever known. They had come up with some of the surviving members of the attack on Benghazi who were willing to be whistle blowers to tell the world about the unanswered calls for security before the attack and that the United States military may have been able to save at least some of those Americans under attack if they would have responded fast enough. How would the administration get away with this one. Was the cover-up unraveling before our eyes?

President Obama didn't go to Harvard for nothing.  He came up with the brilliant answer for his press spokesman Jay Carney when he would be questioned by Fox News' Ed Henry on the new revelations on Benghazi and about those whistle blowers.  Benghazi happened in the past. It happened a long time ago. That's it...that's the picture.   It doesn't really matter who steps forward now, Benghazi is over and done with and Barack Obama needs to get back to work for the American people. [well he didn't really say that, but he might as well have].

Note: when watching this video watch the lack of interest from the rest of the main stream media as Ed Henry of the Fox News Channel asks his question.  

So, with each day making this scandal even a longer time ago, I guess this president and his administration have done what no other politician has been able to do in our history.  They have made the cover-up better than the crime. They may not have protected four great Americans from death at the hands of terrorists, but boy have they made the cover-up a thing of beauty.   Who says Barack Obama isn't an efficient, competent president?  If only Richard Nixon had the skills of president Obama.

With the mainstream media providing cover, it will be a miracle to unravel this scandal before this president is out of office.  That is truly sad for the families of the Benghazi four.

Yes, this cover-up rots from the head down.    And it stinks.

Susan Rice as the stooge
Hillary Clinton as the absent minded Secretary of State
Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the scary looking lady
Jay Carney as the useful idiot
The mainstream media as the look out gang
The Fox News Channel as the "Ugly Duckling" of news channels
The whistle blowers as the ones who are about to get their income taxes audited
The four Americans killed by the terrorists in Benghazi as the forgotten by too many Americans
The American people as the suckers--and
Barack Obama the head--making an unsuccessful attempt to portray himself as a leader and the president of the United States
May God Bless Chris Stevens, Ty Woods, SeanSmith, Glen Doherty and their families


bradley said...

great writing, reads like an exciting novel, TRAGICALLY it's story is non-fiction, and the ending is all too predictable!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad. Praying the truth does come out and not just the terrorists who committed the terrorist attack face justice, but those who participated in the cover up also face justice [i.e., Hillary Clinton never gets within 1000 miles of the White House]

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bradley, reads like a novel. But sadly this is not fiction. :-(
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy! Blessings!