Monday, March 3, 2014

Michael Rubin: "Israel Absolutely Cannot Trust Us To Protect Them"

Michael Rubin
Michael Rubin, scholar of the American Enterprise Institute, and foreign policy [esp. Middle East] expert and author of a new best selling book, "Dancing With the Devil: The Perils of Engaging Rogue Regimes", was on Bill Bennett's Morning in America show on Monday morning to discuss the troubling Ukraine situation. 

About midway in their conversation, Bill Bennett took two callers' questions, that were two of the best back to back calls that I have ever heard on talk radio.

Note:  Bill Bennett would say [as he always does] that this proves he has the most intelligent audience on talk radio.  Now, while I admit he does have some great, intelligent listeners and callers to his show, I must stand up for my favorite Hugh Hewitt radio show and his [including me] listeners as the cream of the crop in intelligent audience. The difference is there would have been no need for callers to call in to Hugh's show to ask those questions because Hugh would have already asked them. :-)

The first caller's question elicited an important response from Michael Rubin.  The question was, "seeing how Obama is not living up to the agreement [Budapest memorandum on security assurances] to protect Ukraine [as they gave up their nuclear weapons in the agreement], can Israel just rely on Obama's words to protect them."  Mr. Rubin told the caller, "No, absolutely Israel cannot trust us [this administration to protect them]."

The final question from Bill Bennett to Michael Rubin was "does Barack Obama actually understand the importance of what is going on here and how he is being manipulated [by the Russians]?"  Michael Rubin responded that "he may, but the more troubling question is whether or not he even cares?" [with this, I interpret as a rhetorical question by Michael].

So, here is the last segment of Bill Bennett's interview with Michael Rubin beginning with two back to back great callers questions. 

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