Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gary Kasparov, A Must Follow On Twitter

Gary Kasparov
You are going to have to trust me on this, but I had in the works a post about one of the great people to follow on twitter if you like to read witty, honest felt tweets from a human rights patriot of his country. That person is Gary Kasparov from Croatia [formerly Russia/Soviet Union].  On twitter he is @kasparov63

Then I found someone who beat me to the punch.  Ryan Sager [on twitter @RyanSager] has just such a great article about Kasparov on time.com entitled Kasparov: "Carter looks like Churchill in Comparison to Obama."

So, I must give kudos to Mr. Ryan Sager and acknowledge his great article and hope that you read by his entire article by clicking  here.  

I bet many of you remember the name Kasparov, but can't place where you have heard it.  Gary Kasparov was the great chess grandmaster and became the youngest world chess champion in 1985 at the age of 22.  Which means he was born in 1963, ergo he chose the twitter handle @Kasparov63

From Wikipedia I found some interesting facts about Gary Kasparov that I never knew:  He was born Garik Kimovich Weinstein with his father being a Jewish Russian and his mother being Armenian.  His father died of Leukemia when Gary was 7 years old and at age 12 he adopted his mother's Armenian surname to become Gary Kasparov.  He retired in chess in 2005 to devote his full time to politics [pro democracy and human rights] and writing. "He formed the United Civil Front movement, and joined as a member of The Other Russia, a coalition opposing the administration and policies of Vladimir Putin.  He is currently on the board of directors for the Human Rights Foundation."

Any of you who follow @Kasparov63 on twitter know that Gary Kasparov is no fan of Putin [and that is to say it mildly].   Ryan Sager points out in his article how recently Mr. Kasparov has made some witty and very, very accurate tweets on the incompetency of President Obama and hopefully never president ever, Hillary Clinton.   Copying these tweets from the Sager article:

Garry Kasparov  @Kasparov63   
We'll see now. But so far, Carter looks like Churchill in comparison.
Garry Kasparov  @Kasparov63   
Hillary was the captain of the Titanic that was US-Russia relations as Secretary of State. Her as admiral of whole fleet makes me nervous!
 9:29 PM - 16 Mar 2014

The Tales did an earlier post on Gary Kasparov [in Sept. 2013] entitled  "Who Said Russians Can't Be Funny." in which I noted how on the home page on twitter of @kasparov63 is this very funny video that lets you know what Gary Kasparov thinks of Vladimir Putin.

So, once again I suggest you read Mr. Ryan Sager's article on Time.com and follow him on twitter @RyanSager.

And I especially suggest that everyone follow @kasparov63 on twitter.  He is a must follow on twitter.

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