Monday, March 10, 2014

Coach Marco Rubio and Senator Marco Rubio Equals A Great American

I saw this heart warming ad from a tweet on twitter by @James_O_Hewitt

What a beautiful positive ad from the great senator from Florida, Marco Rubio.  This is Marco Rubio as a father and teacher and youth leader and gentleman.

Marco, the coach:

While that video displayed Marco Rubio as a leader of young kids, this next video is Senator Marco Rubio, a leader of men, giving a great speech before grass roots conservatives at the CPAC convention on March 6, 2014.   A little after the 5 minute mark, Senator Rubio concentrates on national security issues and gives a stirring call for America to get back to it's role of being the leader in rallying the world against totalitarianism.  His call has echoes of president Ronald Reagan's calls and policies of peace through strength.  And Senator Rubio points out, that does not just mean having a strong military, but in exhibiting a strong clarity for freedom [i.e.: describing the old Soviet Union as "an evil empire" and  "Mr, Gorbachev, tear down this wall"].  Senator Rubio says our country must be the country that has this leading role because we are the only country who can take this role.  "We cannot rely on the United Nations to lead us, in fact we cannot rely on the United Nations for anything."  Senator Rubio makes it clear he is not talking about military intervention in every situation, but he is talking out about a foreign policy rooted in our values and principles.

In his final touching story about his Dad  he revealed why America has been the exceptional country in the world [not just one of many, as this current president thinks] and why it must always remain as such.  No, this is not a fiery speech, this is not a boistorous yelling speech; this is just a great speech by a great American senator.

Marco, the US Senator from Florida:

Marco Rubio as a youth leader and inspiration for kids, plus Senator Marco Rubio, a leader of men and inspiration for freedom loving people everywhere, equals Marco Rubio, a truly great American.

I would be extremely proud to call this patriot,  President Rubio, the 45th president of the United States of America!   In my opinion, he would be an exceptional American leading an exceptional country.  


bradley said...

He is our best bet hands down---- rand, cruz, perry will be wiped off the map--- christie, because of the blown up traffic issue will be destroyed---rubio story compelling, he is compassionate, can attract the latino vote, and not polarizing---

Big Mike said...

Yes, Bradley... and not just our best bet but I believe the nations best bet! He can be a great president!