Tuesday, December 30, 2014

With His Pen And With His Phone

As Barack Obama has just announced that he looks forward to using his pen, that he has been using illegally to make legislation, to now veto bills in the next two years, because the enemy Republicans are now in control of the House and the Senate, this Tales exclusive video must be repeated--well, maybe not must, but it will be [as voted on unanimously by the Tales executive board-me]. 

With His Pen and With His Phone or what in God's name have the American voters done to our country.

Music by Eric Burdon and The Animals
Lyrics by the Tales chairman of the music department
Sung by the Tales chairman of the music department [although the word sung is in debate-or according to Mrs. B not really in debate at all]
Apologies to Eric Burdon and the Animals for the Tales chairman of the music department

With His Pen and With His Phone:

The one question remaining:  Will this "I can do whatever I want" president turn all of America into Obama's House of the Rising Sun?

The hope and the prayer:  The GOP sends Mr. Divider-in-Chief so many bills that his veto pen runs out of ink and he won't be able to use it with his phone anymore to continue his fundamentally destroying, err changing America. 


88keyman said...

This gives new life to one of my favorite tunes. And new meaning to the word "sing." Nice job, Mikey!

Big Mike said...

Thank you keyman!!